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    Things to add 1 add tanks and humvees and apaches 2 add a sea map (doesn’t have to be actual water) 3 increase the limit of props cause I have an iPhone 6 and when it’s the max it’s still running at 60 FPS 4 add the west map 5 let us use EVERY part that’s already in the maps 6 let us buy new guns so we don’t just have the pistol 7 add slopes so we can make proper roofs for our houses 8 add a battleship gun part that we can put on walls for our battleship builds 9 add boat props like Higgins boat tug boat ext 10 add placeable people (do not have to be posable) 11 add a grid snap option so everything will snap to a grid 12 allow us to turn single player worlds into multiplayer worlds (so we can build a motel for ex and then allow other people to play on it) 13 add a friend system so you can play with them again 14 add mad max cars 15 skin creator aka use the clothes from other skins to make your own (costs in game money)