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  1. Okay so will there ne a wipe like after a Season (some months) or after the next update ?
  2. I mean how about make an bound ID (we already have ID‘s) when you First log into the Game. It for sure would make it harder. A one time account that’s bound to your Device ?
  3. Okay so: If you Look in the tool Cupboard (Tc) it requests wood. The thing is sometimes (normally after restart) it still says your base is decaying, even tho you have wood in it. The thing is if you got normal wood doors or the heavy metal ones (40metal) you need planks in your Tc. It doesn’t show that you need it but if you put them in, your base will no longer be decaying and also no more doors should randomly disappear (They normally disappear after restarts and don’t decay like normal walls). Hope that helps
  4. The thing is it does yes. But we Need IP bann or a permanent Account. Otherwise nobody can stop him. He will just keep on making new accounts. Btw you will see me alot here from now on ?
  5. Yes i did. He banned him but ye he still hacking on Server 1
  6. There is a bug with doors. You Need to put Planks in your Tool Cupboard for Wood and also for maxed Metal doors. It doesnt say that in the tool cupboard.
  7. Im playing Oxide-Survival on Server #1. A Guy Called bbh is hacking into bases. (Glitches into doors) He is currently online (14:42 CET). Pls help i don’t want to lose everything i have. My ingame name is ☆. I even have proof