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Found 8 results

  1. Читер 24 еу Чипушара FB5CC61441176A09 Ходит по стенам,забирается на потолок базы
  2. Please BAN Cheater РАЗРУШИТЕЛЬ8 he has a WallHack, FLY Hack, Spid Hack .
  3. The china people can shoot rockets through your walls without your base even being destroyed, they can shoot you through walls and shoot your tc through them. US #14 is full of these Chinese hackers. It's not playable unless they are off. But they go around destroying everyone's tcs and letting the base decay
  4. IGN: hack indio Server: US #1 Proof of hacking:
  5. I can't copy paste his name. He gets the items inside the furnace then goes through the wooden wall in the beginning of the video. Server: US #1 @Catsbit.Care @Catsbit.Dev
  6. IGN: loper6 Server: US #1 Proof of Hacking:
  7. Screen-20211114-143118-1.m4v @Catsbit.Care @Catsbit.created @Catsbit.Dev IGN of the Hacker: raided vc US Server #1 This player raided me inside my base while I'm afk. Luckily, I heard the gunshots. That hacker killed me so I respawned quickly in my base and started recording. You can see him inside my furnaces even my door is locked. Next, you'll see him outside there's no door inside there. That guy literally took all my items, weapons, and destroyed my TC. He even used my RPG on my own base. Please, I hope you banned their IP Addresses and all the device that they use. I'm not going to post this thing if I didn't encounter it, I lost everything... You can also see his feet is under the ground which is mostly can be seen on the other hackers as well. Screen-20211114-143118-1.m4v
  8. People on 02.6 can go through walls and cheat by prison maps or stand off there should be a updat where you need to update or you can’t go on Multi player -Kazuki. (Game name)