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Hello everyone and we have a new list of cheaters ?

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├ Number: 79229905305

├ Country: Russia

├ Region: Kirov region

└ Operator: Megafon


? Photos: found

Whatsapp: yes

? Interested: 9 people

? Reputation: (0)? (0)? 

? Advanced search: 05/29/2021 16:27

Nickname FIASKO

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Also, what will u even do with there address???

the people who make the mods are probably a better choice of target, as they are needed every time an update for the game comes out. 

if u can contact the mod creators, then maybe u can convince them to stop or something.

I talked to one via telegram,(app) and he promised to stay away for sandbox 3D. 

but there are many, and Most won’t be moved by one complaint.

if u actually want to help, than that is probably the best course of action.

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