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-Make it possible to LOAD maps on single player mode.

-Add the function to export/import maps, so that players can share their creations.

-Make the building system as simple and efficient as Cubic Sandbox, so that there is no space between the walls. That can spare a lot of work, reduce the amount of props in the map and improve the appearance of buildings.

-Add more wall formats and sizes (image1: some suggestions).sketch-1554488876709.thumb.png.a9857d2f721a46c22b9fdc64f4d1e980.png

-Add more stairs, with different directions.

-(Image2) Add a search function in the inventory, to find props easily (it's not so important now, but if you add a lot of props just like in Cubic Sandbox it will definitely be useful).sketch-1554488834056.thumb.png.a830cabcd3c3c6cbf2a01bb8c6c54d7f.png

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