For a toxic server member…

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@dingldongo… First of all… Idk why ur so toxic. You spammed your suggestion in both the Suggestions forum and Questions forum and I got tired of it. But it worked for you I guess ?‍♂️ Catsbit liked your mock of the items… so you won. I was only mad at the spam. Now you are going around raiding MY suggestions and calling me mean things AND the N-Word all cause I was tired of your bad use of the forums. I want @Catsbit.Care to see this cause ur being too extreme. Can we just be happy? How about this… I agree on the turret idea, I like that, a little, just some extra damage to defend your base (I like the 7 hp a hit thing ?) But the bear trap would just make the game annoying and toxic (People leaving them everywhere and all around their base so no one can raid them) I hope you take what I said into consideration, I hope to stop the fighting ? I think we both the ? in this situation ?‍♂️

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