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So we gonna fix these issues?

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Let's get one thing straight; the game is a total train wreck rn. I mean the VC and the AR was a hell of a good idea but this update has brought new problems. For one your "ban system" is the most useless thing made as I mentioned somewhere in the forums. Literally all hackers need is AK(Anti Kick) on and they are free to do whatever they want, not to mention the whole fact that it only bans for speed glitch as I've seen. Another problem is the sex rp servers. Nowadays all these disgusting kids gotta do is make the server either private, have a long name with different symbols or make it a 2 person server. And thanks to VC some Players use their mics to project quote "sex sounds" and it's the most vile thing this game has seen. Problem 3 is the lack of security and enforcement to stop this, I mean this game is meant for kids to have fun and crap not to become masturbators. You could at least set up a sort of Admin thing and a Discord server for this and prevent this from happening. It seems like only clans like those SRS dudes are the only ones that did something about it and were the only bit of protection this game had from the good players/young children to the terrible minded Players who make these rp servers. Problem 4 is the name changing in which I cannot stress enough is ANNOYING. Even if you make a brand new account for the first time, after joining 1 server and then leave the room and go to a new server your name is Player and 4 random numbers. And for those guys that had sb3d before the update, their original names are still on after joining another server. The only way to fix it is after leaving a server, exit the game and rejoin. There is alot more problems but I'll skip to the chase; the game needs more attention and updates. 

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