Update 0.3 on Google Play

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Hi everyone! We are releasing the update for Google Play - servers will be wiped. 

Unfortunately for us, App Store delays the moderation process, that's why we made a decision to release the update at least for Android devices. All new servers will be tagged with [0.3]. 

So, update 0.3, what's new? 

  • voice chat 
  • system of learning blueprints 
  • players ranking 
  • Russian language
  • new items (separate locks and code locks, high wooden wall & gate, workbench and scrap) 
  • players list in the pause menu
  • cupboard authorization
  • friends indicator 
  • additional confirm to prevent accidental suicide 
  • manual selection of resources in the crafting menu
  • option to disable the blur effect 
  • option to mute/unmute the player 
  • coordinates on the map
  • store with christmas items 

What’s fixed:

  • rocket launcher
  • buildings are not showing throught from far away
  • shotgun
  • bug with 2 doors in the same doorway 
  • bear does more damage 
  • the foundation is strengthened 
  • doors close automatically


Besides that, we have worked on the anticheat system and optimization. Hope the game runs smoothly on your devices! 

Enjoy the update! 

Happy holidays & Merry Christmas! 

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how about fixing TC's not dropping loot after destroyed and make jumping in this game higher so we can actually raid or add ladders bc sheesh

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