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  2. Looks like it is only possible to do it online. You have to go to the multiplayer servers list then click on the "Load/Save" icon.
  3. I saved a map recently but I can't figure out how to load it again? Does anyone know how to load saved maps?
  4. What is coming in the next updates? We have not had much news about the development of S3D recently. Please keep us posted about what your working on, me and my friends are curious.
  5. King

    Abhigyan arav

    Sir please add 4 player team and talk with your team features like pubg And add crouch & prone mode
  6. Last week
  7. Catsbit

    Not available

    This means that in this version this feature is not available, and will be available in the following updates.
  8. Potato

    Not available

    On certain things in the game it is crossed out and says not available in this version. What does this mean a d how to I make it work.
  9. In the game right now if you try to place an item on another item it turns red and you can't place it. All of my friends an I want to be able to place things on top of things. It would at a lot more fun to the game.
  10. Which smartphone do you play?
  11. Every time I get on the city map and try to build, it crashes. I mean that by it disconnects me from the server. It’s not the amount of storage I have (I have half of my storage left-believe me, I checked) and it was working fine the night before. I really enjoy the city map over the rest and I would appreciate a bug fix for this.
  12. There is no limit of props in the game, apparently this is a bug. I will try to fix this in the next updates.
  13. Yep, weapon has been added in version v0.2.6 on February 28th. But weapon skins are not available in the store for now.
  14. Thanks for the report. Fixed in v0.2.6.
  15. Спасибо за репорт. Исправлено в v0.2.6.
  16. For example, chair, at the top of your screen will say 'sit' and once you sit and you want to get off, at the same spot of the sit button it will be replaced by the 'stand up' button and possibly add beds on the same update too.
  17. I think he means to add ragdoll
  18. There is no building limit in the game, apparently this is a bug. I will try to fix this in the next updates.
  19. Добавьте картины . (От 3 картин.) От этого можно улучшить интерьер дома и это очень хорошо скажется на строительстве. Дома станут красивее и разнообразней. Надеюсь вы меня услышали и поработайете над этой темой. Спасибо за внимание !
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  21. Each hour you play you earn 5 dollars
  22. While i love the whole concept of this game, i feel restricted in how much we can build. I feel like players could do so much more if there wasnt a build limit. I understand lag can be an issue but i suggest that the players decide how much they build. Maybe the app cant handle that much, I don’t know. But i would like the build limit removed, but if that cant be done i understand. Great game
  23. ROBOT


    Really good
  24. Thanks for the suggestion. In future updates, this function will be added.
  25. Catsbit

    [FIXED] Ghost

    It may not have been updated to the latest version v0.2.7
  26. peaked

    [FIXED] Ghost

    I had this issue yesterday, today I didn’t? Although a friend of mine experienced this issue today and not yesterday…
  27. Hey Catsbit! I’d just like to bring to your notice I have seen a few players in game becoming irritated, and on some occasions I can agree, that some people are simply playing the game to shoot others and ruin the game experience for them. There’s two very simple solutions for this. Either while your ingame, in your menu you can access an option where you can enable and disable PVP, or when you create a server, there is an option for whether or not a server cam have PVP enabled, or not enable. This would definitely improve player experiences, and prevent players whom has a sole purpose to spam people with shots, and purposely aggravate fellow players, -peak
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