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  3. leonbest


    hello catsbit, is there anything i can do to have coins?.. can you add a thing that adds money while ingame?
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  5. lord_biznes


    When next update
  6. Tim

    New idee

    Es wäre gut wenn ein Panzer da zu kommt und ein swat truck
  7. Danu


    Where can I find sulfur ?? Do you have to buy it or can you farm it ??? So confused please help Sorry about English
  8. Make a new weapon that has melee attacks too. Not just modern weapons.
  9. I had made a video doing that, you can watch it if you want. Video
  10. Really how do you get sulfur Iam confused
  11. Дорогие разработчики добавок пожалуйста сохронения миров игра очень интересная но постоянно играть в новом мире не весело добавок пожалуйста сохранения миров и прогресаа а них как и в одиночной игре так и в мультиплеере спасибо за понимание
  12. its all in the title
  13. Pillar


    this is an alright idea in my opinion. you should a mech that costs 2000 coins that needs to be operated by 3 people. There should be three. one that has three people operating it. One at the head, the left arm, and right arm that can fire a ton of bullets, one that can split into 3 different cars, and one that can transform into a descent sized fort. I know this is a little extreme but i know for a fact one of these iz possible. Whos with me!!!!!!
  14. Darklordethan5


    I think you should add NPCs because there is nothing to do in single player and maybe NPCs could spice things up add some enemies some allies you know the works
  15. Concordo também podem adicionar mobs como por exemplo:peixes,Lobos que podem ser domesticados, alguns esquilos que vc pode pegar carne, galinhas e alguns canibais e umas bolinhas deles também podem adicionar camas ,jangadas e ilhas com algumas coisas também podem adicionar uns tipos de vulcões que por um certo dia entram em erupção e uns caldeirões que pode pegar lava e água e com os metal fragment vc transformar em barras e com elas construir armas e armaduras umas idéias que podem colocar esse jogo no top 1 ele é um ótimo jogo! Só falta alguns recursos para isso!
  16. Очки камин Часы мусор мусорный мешок вешалка унитаз ракавена
  17. Tim


    Wie kann ich meine gespeicherte map öffen?
  18. SlicVic

    Add characters

    Hi, how can I save the maps I created and access them next time I log in, whether singe or multiple player modes. also, it would be nice to be able to add characters (not just objects) in a future release. thanks!
  19. Add some new weapons like knives, RPGs, AK-47, ShotGun
  20. Заделать так чтобы на машинах можнобыло ездить с челами
  21. 1 добавить виды оружия 2 добавить танки 3 убрать лимит предметов
  22. I suggest that the game would use more wapons and more options for building... Also the admin of the user created map should be able to enable / disable things like building, removing or shooting. And he shall be able to randomize the options for everyone who joined his game. You should be able to use saved maps in multiplayer and in singleplayer. And an workshop
  23. Add more types of animal and more cannibal's (Zombie) Beach and fishing too
  24. Можно сделать режимы ну как dark rp эта превличот других игроков и особа запустите рекламу в Ютуб вы заработаете деньги и вы можете дальше развивать проект
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