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  2. "bazooka" video is on catsbit official youtube channel
  3. Yes, we are waiting too! Moderation in progress...
  4. Today
  5. It does not matter! Hope it comes out today! We are waiting!
  6. Yesterday
  7. Без проблем,надеюсь все будет хорошо, ждём
  8. Sorry, guys We are delaying the release of our alfa version, because a problem occurred while production We hope to tackle it asap, the game is likely to come at night or tomorrow
  9. Today as promised Publishing and moderation takes time
  10. LeLuSH(RUS)


    Вас понял,ожидаем)
  11. Catsbit.Care


    Добрый день, Все зависит от того, как быстро игра пройдет модерацию
  12. LeLuSH(RUS)


    Когда игра появится в play market?
  14. yes they confirmed its coming out tomorrow
  15. the reason why I put after what I type is so people don't think I'm righting looking like this XD
  16. ok so I could be wrong bought this but.. I remember way bake when u first added guns to sandbox 3d it really changed the whole dynamics of the game. like.. it went from being a fun game for ‪6n^ to like... a war zone, and I mean... it has calmed down a bit. but if u add more guns it might start that all up again. and again this is just speculation. I... I guess we will find out. I hope I'm wrong
  17. bjb3n


    sorry I doubted u mr/Ms @Catsbit.Care XD
  18. I know I'm not stupid ok!! also (tip) just because you disagree with someone dosent mean you should start talking like a pooping sailor its super un professional and it makes u look bad.
  19. the game link will be on the oxide forum page I think... ссылка на игру будет на странице оксидного форума я думаю ...
  20. When will the new game appear on the google play app store (exactly)
  21. Last week
  22. Во сколько ожидать появление игры в play market?(примерно)
  23. because no matter we're u are their are bullies. if u add full auto guns plz make them weaker. yess I realize that a 557 is way more powerful than a 9mm. but I just don't won't op's using their moms card to bully everybody.
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