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  1. Today
  2. They belong to the game. The game always had them and everyone enjoyed them, except those people who really take the game for real lmao
  3. Well that’s not gonna happen boomer
  4. Catsbit doesn’t care about 1 person and his shitty clan
  5. Bruh shut up and stop your stupid clan thanks
  6. True, I think they should add a feature where you can pick up items after death or logging off so the items aren’t wasted
  7. I play alot more than you do because i am not stuck in the old version
  8. Says a nazi, you are nothing in this game bruh.
  9. Yesterday
  10. Uh oh LIER alert LIER alert class do you believe in flying spaghetti monsters to BUBBLE HEAD
  11. Alex you don’t have to use the weapons plus u don’t even play anymore or do you shr night hmmmmmmm
  12. I liked your position as the creator of opinions. There are people who enter as soon as they are kicked from the server. A friendship system would also be welcome (if it doesn't already exist).
  13. Dandan

    A crosshair

    Very good. It is a good idea, I hope you got it. I support.
  14. Alex9825


    I think it would be nice to get a bit of knockback after being shot.
  15. Hello, i wanted to ask if catsbit hates clans, if so then i will stop, i never knew if you hated them or not.
  16. There is a gun glitch, if you Go behind a player and aim,Shoot at them, you can kill them, you need the crosshair to be placed at a body part, then you can shoot from behind, it is not that important but a glitch that should be fixed.
  17. Did some research you know it exists, nevermind then.
  18. Hello again, There is a vehicle glitch, if you go in a car there is a chance you cant go out and need to rejoin, (Because you will have the buttons of the car on the screen) to fix it, many people already suggested it, just wanted to inform you. i know its much work but we have time to wait. Thanks for reading.
  19. By fixing bugs? thanks my fellow sandbox player but i play much longer than you and i endured so much of this glitches
  20. u are breaking the rest of the game
  21. bwoi, u want to break every fun glitch ? ;-;
  22. Last week
  23. I think it would be ironic if I turned on my VPN and clicked that link.
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