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    should add more explosion things add satchel charge and c4 from rust and More melee weapons knife and sword and PLS ADD MELEE SPEAR WE NEED SPEAR AS A MELEE WEAPONS and should add like when we got hit we will bleeding and we need bandage or bandage to stop bleeding ADD TEAM UP MODE THAT WE CAN INVITE TO OUR TEAM AND WE CAN USE DOOR AND CUPBOARD TOGETHER AND BULID TOGETHER
  3. Today
  4. In SS the only option to find someone were the coordinates, It would be nice if the coordinates returned to the island survival of rust
  5. Haha those players are so anoying. They playing on us #1 server .
  6. I wanna let you know its not cool when you make a player that you hate them mad and made stupid proof its not really cool bro only loser do. what a shame
  7. Okay so: If you Look in the tool Cupboard (Tc) it requests wood. The thing is sometimes (normally after restart) it still says your base is decaying, even tho you have wood in it. The thing is if you got normal wood doors or the heavy metal ones (40metal) you need planks in your Tc. It doesn’t show that you need it but if you put them in, your base will no longer be decaying and also no more doors should randomly disappear (They normally disappear after restarts and don’t decay like normal walls). Hope that helps
  8. sorry whats this bug? i havent seen this before. can you explain ?
  9. Ok well im amazed at that response lol So many people have experienced it. When the wipe happened, some bases remained and some disappeared. everybody knows this this was before the update im talking about.
  10. Yesterday
  11. Catsbit.Care

    [US] Servers

    [US] Servers are already available in the game!
  12. Blaer


    Okey , it will be difficult but I will try.
  13. ☆ .


    The thing is it does yes. But we Need IP bann or a permanent Account. Otherwise nobody can stop him. He will just keep on making new accounts. Btw you will see me alot here from now on
  14. Well if he is still there he isn't banned yet. Make sure you get enough proof to speed up the process every recording helps alot
  15. ☆ .


    Yes i did. He banned him but ye he still hacking on Server 1
  16. xAnonyPowerZ


    @Catsbit.Care will keep a eye on him. Thanks for the report. If this happens again. Make sure you caught him in action with video proof. To speed up the process
  17. Hello @☆ . you can send your screenshot/video here in forums. Or email Catsbit or send a Private message with the following info you said.
  18. Blaer

    Ideas for Updates

    Sochi, Krasnodar Territory
  19. I also think you are one of these people in the screenshot.
  20. what you dont understand my friend, is piggy is extremely abusive and stalkerish. he messages me every single day harassing me telling me how much he hates me, and that he will rape family members, then he will tell me he loves me. Then he jumps on oxide chat and says “bones leave me alone stop bullying me” And people like you, who should just mind their own business get involved with the wrong idea in mind. he catsbit forum messages telling me he hates me ALL because 2 months ago, i killed him in game…….. i have dozens of witnesses to this and he has been banned on this forum already for abuse. dont tell me to play the game peacefully. That is what i do, im not a child or a teenager. Youre talking to the wrong person. Peace bro ✌ and for your information, nobody “makes” anybody say bad words. In the end its a choice.
  21. Blaer


    There are players who pass through the doors. I don't know if it's a bug or Hak. Server #10: player's nickname in the screenshot.
  22. i saw you said to piggy u said piggy have no friends Yestarday and today piggy playing with his friend and when piggy was leave you just make them mad and made them to say bad words. I even saw piggy said to his friend that don't talk to bones he trying to trap bro i saw all stop doing this just play a game peacefully
  23. Bro i saw you in game you just make them mad and you made them to tell a bad words. i saw all
  24. @Blaer А можете указать конкретнее? Россия-то большая)
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