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  1. It's an old idea but if possible make custom servers so players can run there own servers and administer,can ban cheaters and control own servers.
  2. Player in prime crouch speed hacking . Nam: MINI DARKIN
  3. BR3 player seen jumping inside base using hack.
  4. BR2 player climb hacking J4HaD8AD2L0
  5. Br 1 Player is using magic bullet aimbot. imSr4e1cNgU
  6. Server BR2 Player was crouch/speed hacking and magic bullet/aimbot hacking.
  7. 5v5 in prime we all dead in less then 30 seconds all head shots by no friendly tarax. Fix your fucking game bro or refund me my 800.00 and I'll find new game spend money on better game!!!!!! @Catsbit.Care @Catsbit.Dev
  8. Add feature where players can buy and Host there own server and be the administrator.
  9. This player was inside my base walls heard foot steps went outside and he was thru my 2nd layer walls without building latter to jump inside my base.
  10. Pulio player in prime jumping higher then normal.


    Server is lagging and getting all players DC.
  12. New items for in game play,night vision,gun sights 2x,3x,4x,and 8x. Gun flare for night time it'll brighten the night like fireworks but white color or bright color for night effects
  13. Add way for name change either with gold or changing it freely but limit to 1x weekly per name change or monthly per person.
  14. Please make U.S. prime server.
  15. Delete this. No longer needed smile ?
  16. Welcome back brother! Keep up the good work.

    1. KING CAPO


      ? can't have to go work this entire weekend. I'll hit you up Monday.

    2. KING CAPO


      ? can't have to go work this entire weekend. I'll hit you up Monday. Oh and beer is always ready ?

    3. KING CAPO


      To bad ? I'm on nightshift entire weekend ??⚰️

  17. Thank you admins! Appreciate the hard work and new update. I will support the team and please focus on updating your anti cheat system.
  18. Fix the damn game we pay money for this game and prime is still getting infected by ESP and aimboting hackers!!
  19. Add trading system to allow players to do trades and accept either by trade command function or add feature.
  20. Is there way to purchase prime for friend ?

    Camo suit

    Can we get features for changing colors for our gears hats,chest, pants and boots for white snow color,green for grass area color, and desert color. Thank you.
  22. It's bit weird but it seems to happen when fps drops very quickly and then shoots back to normal and ping goes from 150+ to 300. Bit weird.
  23. I play on eu prime and once in while I'm in game and it just dc but when I go back and join the game it shows this error that I'm still in the game....