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  1. Add a FP mode
  2. Make it so when your shoot the big oil can prop it blows up
  3. Make it so if you shoot the vehicle enough it blows up and on motorcycles if you shoot the player body they die
  4. Saigames0


    Make it so cars can hold more people including on helicopters
  5. Saigames0


    There isn’t enough audio in the game you need walking noises, sound for the campfire, and item noises like falling noises for the player and items collision noise like when you kick over a pile of money
  6. But make it so you can customly type on the sign
  7. When the gun update is done make it so you can enable and unable certain weapons put it in the screen where you turn on/off pvp and the private building when you make a server
  8. In the setting at a tab that makes it so you can move around and make the control buttons larger or smaller at your control
  9. Add a button that makes you ragdoll
  10. Saigames0

    Cop skin

    Easy as the title
  11. make it so when you hit a player with a car it either kills them or just Ragdolls them but they get up
  12. Saigames0

    Car editor

    Add colors, decals, and accessories to your car
  13. Make cheaper gems because no-one is going to pay 3 dollars for 3 gems
  14. As a owner you can’t change your own privileges like if I can’t build but then I become owner I can’t make so I can build now
  15. Please first of all add a sniper I would love that also a shotgun, automatic rifle, and a grenade I know not a gun but still a idea p.s. Don’t make them cheap