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  1. Then on top of full metal armor and 30 medkits, you have squads of russian hackers that kill you in 10 seconds lmao... it's pointless to play until the devs stop being lazy and adding unnecessary stuff to the game. And there anti cheat system is a joke, the only way cheaters will stop is if there is in game admins that is the only way...
  2. Better quality?? He ran up a damn tree lmfao come on now 🤣🤣🤣
  3. This game used to be fun, then catsbit stopped caring about there players and people spending money on this game while they make money and allow hackers to over run this game. It is unplayable. This game will never be fixed until admins are added to the game until then this game is trash.... you made money off of people and basically hustled them because whats the point of playing if every minute your getting killed by another hacker. It's fucking ridiculous plain and simple. Step your game up and stop being lazy plain and simple
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    But as of right not useless
  5. Absolutely agree, if they added trusted moderators in each server. Problem solved instantly its not that difficult
  6. I'm done with this game until you fix it it, there are lots of other players who are quitting as well until its fixed.. way to many hackers...
  7. This is a great game but until you can ban hackers, this shit sucks. We pay money for prime we pay money for lots of things, yet hackers still run crazy on all servers. You need to fix this or this game will be no longer playable and you will not make money
  8. Keeping the items locked makes hackers have to work for it too, everytime they get banned they have to grind all over again, it is a very move to keep items locked. Earn it
  9. There is team of 5 hackers I will catch them 1 at a time XRecorder_Edited_14012023_082642.mp4
  10. Adding admins will eliminate hackers immediately.. BOOM PROBLEM SOLVED FFS
  11. This cheater is using wx7 aimbot, check logs
  12. Your mad when a hacker kills you but you play with hackers lmao
  13. Bruh that's not hacking lol if he was hacking he would have hit every shot but he missed multiple shots if he had aimbot it makes you hit every headshot
  14. In the new update post it says they removed all research and wiped servers. Go grind scrap
  15. Uses ar and aimbot dead in 2 seconds
  16. Jumps through walls and uses aimkill
  17. @Catsbit.Care there are lots of players reporting this guy. Ban him asap he is making the game not fun he just wallhacks and goes through your roof and kills you
  18. He is definitely a hacker he continues headshots only
  19. Yes this player fell through my roof and aimkilled me with ar then jumped out of my wall
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    W7x 1.6

    W7x(wartk) released a new hack and is giving it away for free. The game has been over run with cheaters once again. Please resolve this issue asap. This game is unplayable and not enjoyable any longer. That's why a lot of the players are leaving this game and playing project evo. All you have to do is fix the cheating problem and this game would be the best