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  1. Discord is banned in iran as well, so how are you using that without a VPN? Sounds like you know all about vpns and bypassing a banned app. So your using telegram to fucking liar
  2. Hahaha what's wrong you use hacks too 😂😂😂 now another hacker kills you and you have the balls too report him. You are weak
  3. Well bro the devs check game logs, and they see if a player uses hacks or not. So if they banned you they caught you cheating plain and simple 🤣🤣
  4. Age restricted words?? Like fuck, shit, etc?? These kids talking about fuck your mom and I hope she dies and kill yourself. I have been playing this game since it first came out, I have seen it all the kids are worse then adults
  5. Haha the kids talk worse then anyone in the game tf 🤣🤣
  6. I posted saying that this is far as the game is getting developed and the developer gave up... why did you delete my post if it's not true huh buddy??
  7. Aimkill, he killed 3 of us with ar in 2 seconds
  8. He says you can't ban him because catsbit can't do shit was his words. He uses guided bullet and snapshot
  9. US1 all russians are cheating this one killed me with aimkill.
  10. I get that I chose to purchase items, and yes it is the responsibility of a game developer to create or pay someone to make a anti cheat that actually works properly. And if they cannot do this let the players know that they can't fix the cheating problem then atleast we can make an informed decision to play or not play. But when the devs say that an update is coming and that they will fix the cheating problem 3 updates ago and still not fixed they are just dragging it out and giving hope when there is no hope. Atleast man up and say this game has cheaters. And will have cheaters because we can't fix it. But the real thing is they can fix it easily all you have to do is add admins and boom no more cheaters ever again. It really is simple.
  11. It literally takes 2 minutes to make a new account and hack again. There are plenty of cheaters that kill and collect 2-3k scrap so that way there new account is fully unlocked instantly. Reporting cheaters does not work period. All you have to do is look on the player reports daily and there is 100 new reports a day just on cheaters. If the devs can't tell it is a problem then that means they don't care and maybe they have a side deal with the devs of the hack creators to make money? Maybe that's why they don't care about fixing the issue. And no offense its not the players job to report and hunt down hackers. That is the creator of the games job plain and simple. They make money off of us then want is to do there job. Shitty business model
  12. The devs don't Have to add anything new to the game at all. Get rid of all the cheaters and that would be the best update
  13. Slick916


    He wants admins on the servers
  14. Then on top of full metal armor and 30 medkits, you have squads of russian hackers that kill you in 10 seconds lmao... it's pointless to play until the devs stop being lazy and adding unnecessary stuff to the game. And there anti cheat system is a joke, the only way cheaters will stop is if there is in game admins that is the only way...
  15. Better quality?? He ran up a damn tree lmfao come on now 🤣🤣🤣
  16. This game used to be fun, then catsbit stopped caring about there players and people spending money on this game while they make money and allow hackers to over run this game. It is unplayable. This game will never be fixed until admins are added to the game until then this game is trash.... you made money off of people and basically hustled them because whats the point of playing if every minute your getting killed by another hacker. It's fucking ridiculous plain and simple. Step your game up and stop being lazy plain and simple
  17. Slick916


    But as of right not useless
  18. Absolutely agree, if they added trusted moderators in each server. Problem solved instantly its not that difficult
  19. I'm done with this game until you fix it it, there are lots of other players who are quitting as well until its fixed.. way to many hackers...
  20. This is a great game but until you can ban hackers, this shit sucks. We pay money for prime we pay money for lots of things, yet hackers still run crazy on all servers. You need to fix this or this game will be no longer playable and you will not make money
  21. Keeping the items locked makes hackers have to work for it too, everytime they get banned they have to grind all over again, it is a very move to keep items locked. Earn it
  22. There is team of 5 hackers I will catch them 1 at a time XRecorder_Edited_14012023_082642.mp4
  23. Adding admins will eliminate hackers immediately.. BOOM PROBLEM SOLVED FFS