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  1. Nobody is a retard. I've gotten sick of you, so please, take this lightly, but FUCK OFF.
  2. how do you change a username on the forums ?

  3. Hey, but uh, this comment is ableist. Please remove it. If you don't know what ableism is, look it up.
  4. Hey there Catsbit, and readers, ((Also off topic)) I'm not too happy. I came across an advertisement and game that literally copies what Sandbox 3D does, and I just want to let out some of my steam. The app is called "West game". I attached the video/advertisement, but if you want to see the original, click here for a redirect to the official video. Anyways, on the App Store, it looks way different than what it is. At first, it seems like some kind of idle tycoon. But once you download and install it, you can literally see the similarities immediantly. They essentially took your game's code and placed it in theirs. Also, as you can see, Sandbox 3D by Catsbit was released two years ago, and this "Western Game" was released 1 year ago. See, they added movement enhancements, a friend system, they took everything and desperately tried to make something good out of something that is good already. I hate that West Game is copying your work. anyways, here is the video. WG 第一人称建筑 精准 孵化20200807 Yoki Pony TVY.mp4
  5. Hi, it's me again... This is slightly off topic. Does Catsbit Games have a discord profile? I saw a screenshot of a server that tagged you in a message. Is this your official, or is it an impersonator? _________ Please reply as soon as comfortable to do so. Thank you and gave a great Sincerely, Dandyboi Discord in question: Catsbit#6628 My discord: Dandyboi#1157
  6. Hey, everyone.

    Could anyone pass on some suggestions of what I should build in Sandbox 3D?


  7. Heyo, I appreciate how hard all of you are working over at Catsbit, but I've only noticed one bug in Survival Simulator, actually, it's isn't even a bug. I was just wondering if the time cycle could be sped up a tad bit, I'm a little impatient and I'd say dividing the number of minutes there are in a day (which is 1,440) and dividing that by 300 (Which gives the final result of 4.8), that should do the trick, for the day/night cycle speed. I am not sure what platform you use to make these apps so that information may be incorrect on some development platforms. Be sure to take your time, and like i said, this isn't a fully needed feature, it would just be a nice addition. -Dandyboi
  8. Dandyboi


    Dear @OG PEACE*, I cannot define the exact date of the new update, but I can tell you it is coming very soon. Also, please cut the developers and the care team some slack, they work very hard. the developer, Wladyslaw Jewloszewicz, is trying to develop the game as soon as possible, and the care team is trying to respond to all inquiries in time. If you have any more concerns/questions, feel free to send me a message, or reply to this one. Sincerely, -Dandyboi
  9. Hello, @SpartanRomania, In Off Road - Forest, you cannot build, you transport items to their destination, allowing you to gain money, therefore gaining up the possibility to a final win. I don't believe this is the correct game you are speaking of. Do you mean Sandbox 3D, Cubic Sandbox, or Survival Simulator? You can reach back out to either one of us anytime, and have a great day. -Dandyboi
  10. Hello, @Stalin, Would you possibly provide a translated plot of tthis? My primary language is not English, i am in fact Polishd and would appreciate the. Thank yOU, dan d no u IO da grew bo i
  11. Hi, Can i get a more detailed info? Who and what is these 'gang members'? Do you have my apple juice ready? -sincerely, dan du b oi
  12. Dandyboi


    Dear @Jason_dev, no Best Regards, Dandyboi
  13. Dandyboi


    Dear @Jason_dev, I understand you are eager to see the new update, and I am eager as well, but development takes time. Just like it takes us time to grow, it takes time to write tens and thousands of lines of code, and that must be very tiring for the dev(s). I believe that they are either taking a quick break for now, which is understandable, or that they are keeping the next update a secret so it can be a surprise once it comes out. Best Regards, -Dandyboi
  14. It's just a game... Don't get me wrong, it's an amazing game, but can't we just play it without any arguments and fighting??
  15. I apologize that I'm adding to the Forums a lot, it's just because my brain is thinking hard about what suggestions I should give. But, you know how some Android/iOS devices support dongles for, say, Lightning 8-port to USB? so, if we do not like the mobile interface, we can just use USB peripherals. Keep in mind that this is not mandatory for gameplay, so you don't have to implement it right away, or at all. Also, a VR headset option would actually be pretty sweet. Best Regards, Dandyboi