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  2. ID: E8D043B58A2CC1E4
  3. Great job Catsbit, really worth the effort, it's so gratifying to see hackers getting banned en masse, I don't care if they get a few legal players banned, for the game to fully heal, others have to die.
  4. ¿Dónde demonios está el anti-hack mejorado?
  5. I can't believe you are so stupid, we all know what the update delay is due to, Catsbit is used to delay, it's normal.
  6. ID: 75345E7A7DA24DD9 ID: AEB56976F3337CA1 ID: 4A1E6E7427BEA9E1 Revisa sus resgistros, son 3 hackers aimkill, baneenlos por favor, están jugando desde hace tiempo y no son baneados.
  7. ID: 75345E7A7DA24DD9 ID: AEB56976F3337CA1
  8. Exactly, "Soon" is the right word, while the hacker kills dozens of players, "SOON" will be banned. "Screenshot is from Youtube"
  9. My friend, shoot all the head and the other person in motion, rifle and submachine gun, I got to disconnect just in time, please check your records, the head shots. you are literally letting an aimbot go free.
  10. When will the creator understand that his game is heading to ruin by hackers, just that. It is so difficult for you to put a moderator or ban instantly, players do not want more tools, weapons, armor, animals, we want to play calmly, not with cheaters.