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  1. He is a toxic kid who thinks he is "17" he is clearly not
  2. The sad part of this post is the fact that arse holes have replied even tho they all do the same thing the said not to do hypocrites
  3. Pls keep your UNEEDED COMMENTS to your self also Alex is one of the most toxic person in sb
  4. Alex is a little baby bitch who used to run dons witch was the most toxic clan ever on sandbox pls no one Listen to him
  5. Also Alex your not the nicest person are u so pls keep your UNEEDED COMMENTS TO YOUR self thx
  6. Hi there I would first of i say to Alex and skull we appreciate your concerns about our clan but it's unnecessary and unacceptable to blame us for past experiences with other clans you don't know us or our clan so pls don't make accusations against us for no reason thx