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  1. please banned this player using aimkill,aimbot, ID:BF6E36B0899D4242 thankyou admin🙏🤍
  2. abo.


    please banned this player using aimbot i got record i'll put his ID and the record i have proof ID: 6545B7175E63470D
  3. abo.


    please ban this player because he uses speedhack, autokick, maphack, I have proof that I recorded, please watch it until the end because I have already put their ID, thank you catsbit🙏
  4. please banned this hero using aimbot, flyhack, speedhack, i have a proof ID:A7961267C5C58D2A ID:A55AECD46CE6C1D2
  5. abo.

    #us4 cheater

    please banned this player using speed hack and aimbot i get his ID
  6. please ban this player they raid me using fly and aimbot, i did not get his ID because he log out after killed me.
  7. abo.

    us4 cheater

    please banned the player in #us4 using assault rifle with aimbot ID: 8979A168B6E47D
  8. homyak and venzo off in server [eu]23 is using aimbot to kill everyone and free loot just i want to banned homyak and venzo off the two cheater is so unfair to the game the two cheater cannot win so they are using cheat to win the game, i wish homyak and venzo off will banned thankyou oxide for reading my side.