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Found 21 results

  1. ID:E9A1DE75FC3406E2 Server:79 EU Nickname: ETO HUNTER Please Banned hacker
  2. Разбаньте мой аккаунт пожалуйста ID:E59C5EE330A4CB48 Unban my account please ID:E59C5EE330A4CB48
  3. Server: 5 eu Reason: cheating, aimkil hack id : 809C3044FEA38FD3
  4. Raizal


    Please banned id 430769832E487BB auto aim SERVER EU24
  5. Raizal


    Please report id 29B462349BF30D39 cheater Server eu24
  6. Sv:20 ey Hacker Fly Hack ID:8CAC1F5506DB82F4
  7. Hello oxide owner Iam banned for nothing and reason say you ar eban for cheating but i didit use hack i swear to my life please unban ms
  8. Can you unban my accound lv 20 i got banned becouse i kill all in prime i just ping player not hacker unban me plis ID :DC6AA9506E9AA022
  9. abo.


    please ban this player because he uses speedhack, autokick, maphack, I have proof that I recorded, please watch it until the end because I have already put their ID, thank you catsbit🙏
  10. Hello dear developers, my account with the purchased copter was hacked, after I returned the account he was banned for cheating Please unblock my account Account Details ID: 86461758EDA7BDF
  11. Hacker aim kill us 35 prime Id:6B36ED48CB0B6EC3
  12. ID :647B3B1A2694B156 Hacker Aimbot #US 35 Prime
  13. How catsbi? How I got ban I was farming and got ban?. Pls correction catsbi I want to know why I got ban even I don't hack.
  14. Name:crazy|ass ID:50E31983793EF3ED Using cheats : Soft Spider hack Level:22
  15. AMIR..YT

    Add admin

    Why not add the admin in oxide survival
  16. 58E43202D273CFB0 читер 65еу
  17. Ledjon2


    So The problem Is That I can't Create A new Team I have 100 scraps And When i press Create the team Automaticlly it disconnects From the server? fix This. i dont Need proof Of This an Answer Please. GLITCH BUG
  18. ID: A450D4E5909ACB91 hack: aimbot 10 lvl
  19. D6EAD62B716D1939 player using aim bot tp kill and killed me and my friend in server #45 please ban him Friend name: sʀ 么| BRock
  20. Slick916


    Only 9 days left before Christmas and no update. Starting to lose faith in your abilities to run and manage a mobile game
  21. Nelmoz


    Hello, when will there be a post about information about the update? @Catsbit.Dev