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  1. Catsbit u alive? Why u don't buy a strong system for ban these hackers? U get s lot of money from your games, so u should care about problems of your game😮‍💨
  2. 3CCBF72A2742B77E 35 EU Sha killer
  3. CF5B1133D40E3824 MMA-DIOR In Your fucky game all fucky players use this mother fucker bitch hack and kill usull players. Also all Russian use hack bc they can't play like a gamer and they must suck it -_- And @Catsbit care I really don't need your update if u can't ban some bitch hacker in game. We wait for 7 months for your update that hackers go from this game but nothing happened and now we can't wait for 7 months more for another fucky update that it will not ban these hackers Really sorry for u and your working Also sry for all players that can't play like a gamer
  4. Ilia:)


    And again delay in the update for a new reason, but I am still happy that Catsbit told the truth?♥️
  5. Ilia:)

    Update 2023

    Catsbit when will be update? We all asked this question for the thousandth time. I think you don't even know how long it takes for App Store and Google Play to monitor too ?
  6. Ilia:)

    Update 2023

    Dear Catsbit Care, finally, after all this time and the disappointment of the players from this game, you were able to complete the update with the difficulties that existed. Thank you for your effort and perseverance❤️❤️✌️ Hoping for progress for everyone♥️?
  7. Yes, everyone is really tired and wants to know if there is an update or not. Because now months have passed and every time you say update soon. During this time that you want to give an update, 7s tools or ..... has updated more than ten versions of the hack. Please let us know exactly what are you doing?
  8. ID: 847DBC8373D6C346 Ban these hackers pls ?
  9. ID: 4C0114F888D9BDFE Why these hacker hasn't banned yet? All servers are hackers and update is coming for 4 months. I really want to know that,what are you doing exactly? Pls answer me and ban this hacker.