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  1. 1F822E9B1DACC59E Chinese hacker, aimbot, esp etc


    I want a refund of everything I purchased, this game scuks, every sever full of hackers, the game is stupid, at times you can't even leave ya base, Get back to me asap!!!!

    Hacker Us3

    CF5DE09B2780EE3 This dude Ta1Sa YT using all the hacks, gliding through the air, spider, aimbot n also has gun in hand but using pics at the same time


    I'm hoping there's gona be a anti cheat system in the next update, there's more people buying hacks than spending money on Oxide, ive brought most of everything and im just giving it all away ( well it feels like it anyways ) non hackers are just giving up playing cause they wasted there time, ( days/ hours ) money, doing all the hard yards to survive, and it doesn't take that long for a clan of hackers to kill and destroy there bases or compounds, pretty please get that anti cheat in next update, it's just getting out of hand and dumb that there's so many hackers in each sever, please or sell the game to someone that does know...... Thanks for taking ya time to read this, TAKDAT Us1/Us3

    UPDATE 0.4

    @Catsbit.Care hii after updating, idont have any severs? any reason's why TIA


    Why aren't the severs loading up for me ?
  7. How is everyone still playing game without no update?? Players are still reporting hackers, players still gaining/ farming for axeman/ miner rankings, im dropping on ranking list real fast, please help, I wana play!!! ?

    No update

    How is there players been reported when update isn't out, and how is people still playing??? ? ? I'm dropping in farming ranking real fast, was 8th spot before update, n now no update drop to 15th n still dropping, ? ? ?
  9. Theres no update in Google play, im losing my farming ranking was rank 8th for axeman n miner, now 13th ? I've been waiting all this time, n i didnt know game was updated, any help TIA
  10. 910DFAC1980126AF Teleported outta no where, facing wrong direction n killed me with ar, 4 bullets, im full metal armour
  11. 970BF7BC8FB02443 There's so many Russian hacker's now getting ridiculous, this dude using aimbot and i was chasing me, wasnt even facing me when he killed me with AR, he was shooting in the air ?