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Found 49 results

  1. Server: #Br3 ID: 35CC83F2AF28FCF5 Check your history of kills, movements, shots, etc. hacker anti ban. Thanks
  2. Здравствуйте, прошу разблокировать мой аккаунт не использовал не какие читы,играю на 45 сервере, и очень активно, скачал игру 4 дня назад , понравилась и тут такое, очень жду обратного ответа. Id: CDFA070E7A8E1E6E
  3. Hi i got banned i shoot someone from far away and it hit him and got banned why user furkan. 12
  4. Savci using speed hack i died from him plz banned him i have his id i screen shot it plz banned
  5. Hi this guy can get into bases witch is wall hack and aimbot pls i got it on video
  6. Hacker In game name - смерть рядом I'd B170FC72C19E1C51
  7. Evgeniy.


    Доброго дня ,знаю что заели эти вопросы про читеров ,но хотелось бы узнать будут ли решатся эти проблемы как ЧИТЕР ?потому что видео заливать сюда тоже не вариант но он есть,просто видео сюда выкладываешь рассматривается очень долго может и 2-3 дня ,то что пока его рассмотрит ты останешься голым и занового начинать развиваться ,мне не так обидно будет если меня обычный человек зарейдит а не читер которому все легко и просто достаётся !
  8. Оскорбление родных:) Ник _ПОНОС_ Id 59397BECF42CF877
  9. Remove the the sticker on the top right of screen its annoying and takes an importent spot of the screen for us 4 finger players Ability to move the text messages and the health and food water bar its in a annoying spot Ability to make buttons bigger individualy Increase stone spawn rate its more rare than iron and sulfur Add gyroscope to the game
  10. Добавите ли вы слиперов и вопрос на 1млн запретите ли вы игру с компьютеров т.к с него проще вести стрельбу и вообще удобно но игра телефонная а не пк!!
  11. My base is decaying and I have to get on to repair the decaying walls plz fix
  12. Are you going to increase tool cupboard range and decrease splash damage from rockets? Because at the moment the tc range is too short no matter how many layers of high walls and how many tcs you place they can still build stairs close and build over walls and rocket base. And the splash damage ruins all items inside. So no one can keep their items in bases anymore as it all gets ruined cause its too easy to raid bases. Also I think walking on top of Gates and walls should be taken away cause they can walk along walls and jump to the next wall etc. This was why people had made alt accounts to store their loot on them as you cannot protect items in a base as it gets raided everyday no matter what base design you do. But now youve taken the point of having an alt away from us by removing all our inventorys in the wipe so thanks a lot, people farmed resources for weeks and now they will lose it all. How are you meant to protect loot now if we cant keep them on alts for long and bases get raided 24/7….. and everyone uses rockets for pvp… this needs to be changed
  13. Other hackers: xGRANDx! Sugar__YT Stas72 As you can see in the video he use hr and kill me from almost 53 meters, how cool is that. Playing in prime server is so FUNNNNNNN i did not REGRET buying it. VID_20220821230541.mp4
  14. Sorry I’m asking so many questions lol but I was wondering will there ever be voice chat for IOS in the next update? So IOS (iPhone) can use voice chat to talk to other players? Or can it only be used by android?
  15. Dear Administration, I ask you to draw attention to 41 servers. Cheaters get in the way of other players unhindered. Block cheaters immediately. Players with Chinese characters including!!!!!
  16. bellasmith


    I know updates are a lot of work and take time but I was just wondering if there is an estimated time period of when the disconnecting and spawning somewhere else while exiting vehicles bug will be fixed? A few weeks or a few months? Also are you going to be focused on fixing hacking first before fixing anything else?
  17. Hello everyone! Is there anyone else that have this following problem? [ No servers are showing up ] This is most of the time the problems The app may not be working for you due to some issues that your device may have. Please check whether your internet is working properly. If you're using a wifi connection, please turn-off and turn-on once to see, whether it helps you. Also please restart your android/iphone device to see if it helps. If none of the above method works and you feel that it is not a common problem for everyone, please let us know using the comment section below. is the app still not working for you? Yes. It's fixt or No. I still have this problem please tell us below! Troubleshooting Methods: This may be a temporary issue. [ +-1hour ] You can close and open the app to see whether it fixes the issue.If you're using mobile data connection, disable and enable againIf you're using a Wifi connection, turn off wifi and turn on again to check if it is a wifi issue.Restart your android/iphone and try opening the app to see if it works fine.If nothing works, You can check the official app page on Google Play store for android and iTunes App Page for iPhone for any potential listed issues. Greetings xAnonyPowerZ
  18. Rdpitybu


    No dia 31 de Maio foi dito pela própria que a atualização chegaria dentro de 2 semanas. Hoje falta 1 dia para o prazo esgotar. Eu gostaria de saber do que precisa para a atualização ser lançada!
  19. Мы будем ожидать её на этой неделе? Или у вас тругие планы?!?! Заранее спасибо за ответ!
  20. Rdpitybu


    Sugestões: - Adicionar a opção de aumentar os botões separadamente e também acrescentar os botões de demolir e coletar nas configurações de hud. - Adicionar mais servidores da América do Sul, apenas três é muito pouco. - Aumentar a quantidade de slot de minérios da fornalha, apenas um slot é pouco. E quando não tiver mais minérios para serem queimados a fornalha desligue automaticamente.
  21. Hi I am oxide player why there are so many cheaters in this game though I really like it can you make some new updates fix glitches for instance I was in my building someone came named a6oa killed some how under the floor obviously cheating I will $100 in stuff if you bring new products and updates
  22. Faz 2 dias que esses dois estão abusando do bug,por favor da ban neles
  24. Cheaters in EU 8 20220219_1080p(1).mp4 20220219_1080p.mp4