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  1. Please add profiles in oxide (Changing the profile picture) (Account level) (Shows how many hours the players has played for) And maybe show the leaderboard in the profile like when someone goes into your profile they can see what place your in on the leaderboard.
  2. Анти чит в оксайд добавят не скоро и ждать этого момента около года или же больше. Это лучшие что можно добавить вместо анти читов
  3. Oxide is a great game but has tons of hacker’s and for over 3 years there hasn’t been a Anti-Cheat besides the kicking system in server’s. Oxide please hear me out, Add hours to the game (showing how much hours a player has played for). And then add low hours and high hours server for an example players with less then 80 hours cannot play with players that have over 80 hours. If you guys hear me out and add this to the game it will make it so much better and less hackers playing high experience players. Please review this and at least let me know what you guys think about this as I know oxide is working on alot of stuff but this is what oxide needs. Have a great day!
  4. ID: B24FE1B45AA28104 SERVER: US [0.3] Oxide #3
  5. stillline


    ID: 90B14CED233454F server us3
  6. ID: 90B14CED233454F SERVER: US #3 REASON: Spider hack also known for climbing walls, structures. Please review this post and let me know if he is banned and as you can see in the video he climbed the foundation which you cannot jump up to and also he has aimbot.
  7. Здравствуйте на прайме играют два игрока которые друзья и играют в дуо на них уже много жалоб было но не как не банят, уже прошло около недели, вот есть 3 пруфа.