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  1. Nikneme : [MQ] Friend Id: 6AF6FDD1344243E Server : EU 55 PRIME Time code 1:16-1.43
  2. This is a cheat playing on prime in the video you can see how this player crashes the game with the help of a cheat. Please view and ban. @Catsbit.Care
  3. + he cheats crash the game and raid!
  4. BloobSoul1

    UPDATE 0.4

    Prime server did not update to 0.4.0, it is on older versions Open the new version please
  5. BloobSoul1

    UPDATE 0.4

    When to update prime server?
  6. BloobSoul1

    UPDATE 0.4

    Why is the prime server not working?
  7. Так я просто хочу поменять донат на другой а не на другой аккаунт.
  8. У меня вопрос можете поменять донат на другой есиле например у меня прайм но я хочу багги цена такая же.все чеки покупки могу прислать. I have a question, you can change the donat to another one, for example, I have a prime, but I want a buggy, the price is the same. I can send all purchase receipts.
  9. dear friends of the moment prime server chaos 2 cheaters have not been banned for a week now.I hope now the developer will take up the prime server. please ban id:366AB92E9FDEC939 name:ReY*SaD18+ please ban id:F78BDA8DE2E39DA9 name:bav_player2
  10. update video @Catsbit.Care