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  1. Its been hard to play the game these days… im just bored to be report hackers everyday, today i got out of my base and saw 3 hacker at once, please, we need a anti cheat even if the game need to pay
  2. World BR (0.3) oxide #3 Prove: https://disk.yandex.com/i/Xz99snsgHPF5FA Nome: Lauty21 id: E113AA976E229FD0
  3. https://disk.yandex.com/i/a81kMgPy-qpMOQ I Was farming a little bit on server BR 0.3 oxide #3 and when I came back home I saw someone on the third floor ceeling from my base, I immediately started recording because that’s not how to get up there without cheat, and he notices me and jumps out, then jump back into the compound and deeped me, I trapped him and let him there for about an hour, and he simply started fly and got kicked, now he’s campin outside my house His Id: D71232C530E915F0
  4. Now i have a mission, report all of the hackers that I’ve sure, and I guys check them reports pls, the one now its called Sonpalpi 7D569CC9D229C831
  5. He make a house near by mine’s and now he’s not letting me playing bc he kills me everytime I go out, that’s too frustrating!!! His Id 22DDAE8C349CE530 His name: sonyyyyy server we play (Br) #3 pls check the reports of him, make something please!