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  1. It's been three days and my reports are still pending. Is there any way you can approved faster? It's a pain in the ass seeing those players whom I already reported with proofs and are still playing. Please check my thread. I already reported like 4 players but still pending. I hope you can notice this. Thanks. @Catsbit.Care @Catsbit.Dev
  2. Me too Catsbit. Game is promising but I feel like I've wasted weeks of my life. I fortified my base but they can climb my walls, go in and out. I am planning to spend for copter and buggy but thanks God I didn't. Good luck Catsbit. Bye.
  3. Player ID: C5B9303E443E4520 Server: [US] [0.3] Oxide #30 Reason: He knows where I am. Earlier back I'm not recording. When he is about to die he activate speedhack or something like teleport. And he got kicked by the server for suspected cheating.
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    Player Name: ExxE25 Server: [US] #30 Reason: Can go in and out of locked bases. I'm on the second floor of my stone base with armored doors and he went in and took all my stuff. He tried to kill me but I was able to disconnect. It happened so fast that I forgot to take screenshots or video. I'm a content creator on Youtube and Facebook. I tried this game hoping I can create a good content out of it. I experienced being killed with just few shots while I have full metal armor and moving zigzag. It is so depressing to other players to lost all the resources that they gathered for hours of grinding. They upgraded their bases and added high walls. But they can still lost everything without a single scratch on their bases. The game is promising. I hope for the better. PS. My next reports, if ever, will have screenshot or video. Regards, ErripaN