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Found 27 results

  1. here is the ID:ADB3F776DEEB495A it has not been banished for a week
  2. KayDeeGz


    Hey admins please ban this cheater Using aim bot and fast walk , please ban him B7F3BBCB2CD54C0B server eu 0.3 #94 and there are lots of cheater there most of the players are cheater ! Please read the complains and ban ! I’ve lost thousands of ammo iron sulfur and bases bcs of cheater !!!!!
  3. Failed to refresh the server list! Please try again.
  4. Im playing Oxide-Survival on Server #1. A Guy Called bbh is hacking into bases. (Glitches into doors) He is currently online (14:42 CET). Pls help i don’t want to lose everything i have. My ingame name is ☆. I even have proof
  5. 2B0488A3B31FC45D He use spider climb!!
  6. What if, every time we log into the game, the game checks the files, that there are no anti-hacker changes
  7. Mariusell


    7605A10FFFEACE71 use aim bot!!
  8. Mariusell


    83B8371749993153 aim bot !!..
  9. He use spider hack
  10. It's been three days and my reports are still pending. Is there any way you can approved faster? It's a pain in the ass seeing those players whom I already reported with proofs and are still playing. Please check my thread. I already reported like 4 players but still pending. I hope you can notice this. Thanks. @Catsbit.Care @Catsbit.Dev
  11. Mariusell


  12. E3A0DE773A6C031B
  13. Hola, como están amigos quería sugerir un servidor para la comunidad latina ya que ay mucha gente nueva que va iniciando en el juego entonces no saben a quien pedir ayuda por que cada servidor que hay es de rusos, árabes etc
  14. Здравствуйте мой аккаунт был забанен за то что я хранил ресурсы в своем аккаунте добытые с помощью чита я признаю свою вину и сожалею за это я играл на Apple устройстве и создать новый аккаунт тоже не могу Пожалуйста очень прошу разбаньте мой аккаунт под ником Я Х И К О обещаю что буду играть честно!
  15. Record_2022-12-22-23-31-09_4ef2ebc844a075bb97173ed8673c7a1a.mp4
  16. JOZU-YT


    Please adm, release my 4 posts from the 4 hackers on the Br1 server, there are more speed and wall-climbing hackers, I still need to record the other players I posted everything correctly, the links to the grades and the prints I will be grateful if you ban everyone quickly ❤
  17. Hello, I'm a player of the eight European server. My name is "Орех Кокос" and I would like to suggest doing some kind of free server moderation because sometimes anti-cheat and complaints are not enough. This will help to simplify the game for ordinary players and get rid of cheaters and bad vocabulary. If there are mistakes, please forgive me, as I translated through a translator. I hope that the developers will see my idea. ?
  18. I have kicking by anti-cheat every minute. I am not cheating. But system don't think like that. Good update, but this... Better if you, dear developers, make the moderation system. Sorry if take mistakes, I am Russian. Game name: ЯТИМХАНА Your's GREY.
  19. Would be nice to have the option to have a private server to learn on and make public