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Found 41 results

  1. На серверах играют софты почему вы их не баните? Из за 5-10 жалоб за 1 раз сейчас играют игроки с автонаводкой There are a lot of software on the 8th eu server that plays with auto-targeting, ban them all day, keep an eye on them, why do we have to throw away our work and time so that our whole village bangs the software??
  2. Здравствуйте такой вопрос: мой аккаунт за банило без объяснения причин я играл на сервере всего 2 часа и прилетел бан. Пожалуйста если есть такая возможность разбаньте мой аккаунт. ID: 6ECBAC1B46C8FC50 Ник: izi111
  3. Заблокировали аккаунт почему и за что не знаю читы никогда не использовал! ID: 6ECBAC1B46C8FC50 Ник: izi111
  4. прошу разблокировать аккаунт с ником [SOFT]ᏯᎯᏦᎯ айди отсутствует так как я не знаю где его взять когда заблокировали аккаунт. так как бан произошол по ошибке прошу пересмотреть данный бан аккаунта так как я играл без читов и соклановец с коттрым мы играли тоже без чита не знаю почему администрация так похабно относится к блокировке но это не справедливо
  5. EU 102 hacker ID: 81517E3EA6A8E6D6 He is aimkill
  6. Straf

    Hacker us14

    Id. : A7961267C5C58D2A use aimkil guidet bullet speed hack
  7. beka

    96 server

    577742C5F67FB723 lider his clan magik bullet
  8. Why ban my acaount im no hacker nickname mastubation in 96 eu server
  9. Is it possible to add an administrator to the servers?
  10. Salvador


    OLÁ, eu ma chamo ZINO! Ultimamente eu vejo muitos problemas nos servidores BR, principalmente no BR1, está tendo muitos hackers e injustiças caindo sobre os servidores BR, e até mesmo eu fui vítima daquelas injustiças usadas por Hacker e sim, Hackers, muito e muitos Hackes que usam trapaças servidores BR, e isso torna os servidores BR difíceis de se jogar não só pra mim mais pra todos os jogadores de Oxide do BR, chega um ponto que nem se joga mais por causa dos Hackres nos servidores BR, e por isso, queria me tornar administrador do Servidor BR1, para colocar regras justas no Servidor, que é banindo todos os hackers de uma vez por todas! estamos aguardando os banimentos dos Hackers à meses e nada, e eu estou aqui para mudar isso é fazer ao favor de todos os jogadores BR do Oxide, Eu prometo analisar casos com muita delicadeza de Hackers, chega dessas injustiças nos servidores BR, seria espetacular voltar a jogar Oxide sem hackers e jogo justo, pois usar trapaças não justo é nunca será, e não irei banir jogadores inocentes, sou justo e quero jogo justo, um grande abraço ao Catsbit!
  11. Есть много добровольцев на администраторов советую ютуберам по оксаиду сделать админа и такие как Мэйн , Popik15
  12. Читер убил с 51 метра моментально так ещё и тепехается 6 eu сервер
  13. 1:каменную кирку(каменным топором как-то тупо фигачить камни) 2:метро(1 быстрое перемещение по карте 2 можно быстро добраться до ро 3 добавьте зелёные ящики на город и заправки) 3 бандитскую деревню мирный город и рыбацкую деревню ( 1 магазины 2 покупка миникоптера большогокоптера ТК коровы 3 казино) 4: подводную лабораторию , нефтивышку, карьеры и дизельное топливо (чтобы копать карьер) 5: карго и закрытые сундуки 6: двойные двери гаражные двери большие сундуки P.S Я понимаю что я просто сделал cntrc cntrv но oxide это копия раста эти изменения сделают игру более похожей 7 : уровни верстаков 8 новое оружие L96 M249 самодельный пулемет C4 граната F1 разрывной 5.56 полу автоматическая винтовка полу автоматический пистолет арбалет болтовка связка бобовых гранат скоростные ракеты и Бредли , патрульный вертолет 9: сундуки на дороге 10: бур бензопила ледоруб и самодельный топор 11 полоса потери предметов ( это красная полоса которая показывает сколько предметов ты потеряешь при добыче этим инструментом 12: взрывное вещество На этом у меня все надеюсь добавят в игру если будут писать что это копия раста посмотрите после строкой 6
  14. Developers and administrators, good day. I want to offer you several options for a comfortable and interesting game. (1) First, actually, zoom in on the map. You don't need much. It is better to reduce the number of servers at the same time. (2) Add an exit timer. Provided that the character takes damage, he cannot exit the game for 5-10 seconds (this is at your discretion and tests). The game will become a little more honest (3) The most important thing that I and many fans of oxide hope for is that you will solve the problem with cheaters in the upcoming update. The whole process of the game becomes terribly unpleasant and painful for the nervous system, and even more so if they are children.? (4) Administrators on servers with intermittent arrivals. (It can also be people who just play on this server). They must pass the check and make a report on the locks. (For example, such as me ?). (5) Chat. Diverse chat. Paid or depending on the level of development (this topic can be disclosed for a long time. (at least different colors.) I want to be able to see a friend in the chat in green. Little things. There is also an all-available voice chat, it does not work. For example, I play on iOS, my voice chat is not available. (6) Perhaps what is very boring in oxide is the weather conditions. Such as: rain, thunderstorm, snowfall, blizzard. There are few animals and with poor movement. There are not enough birds, wolves… (7) Bleeding, shortness of breath, fatigue, slow running as a consequence, a change in the character's consciousness. (8) Agriculture. Vegetable gardens. New fruits. Not just one pumpkin. ? (9) Flags, banners made by crafting. A new sewing table. The same is the repainting of armor. Perhaps some trophies are carried on themselves or located on the house. Good luck!??
  15. Dear Oxide Survival Team, I hope this message finds you well. My name is Samar, and I am writing to express my interest in applying for a moderator position in your captivating game, Cats Bit. I have thoroughly enjoyed my time in the game and have been impressed by its engaging gameplay and friendly community. With this application, I aim to contribute to the growth and positive atmosphere of Oxide Survival, ensuring that all players can enjoy a respectful and inclusive gaming environment. As an avid player of Cats Bit, I have developed a deep understanding of the game mechanics, its community guidelines, and the challenges that players encounter. I strongly believe that a strong moderation team plays a crucial role in maintaining the harmony within the game, fostering a respectful atmosphere, and addressing any concerns promptly and fairly. Here are a few reasons why I believe I would be a valuable addition to the Oxide Survival moderator team: 1. Experience: I have served as a moderator in various online communities, including gaming forums and Discord servers, where I have honed my skills in conflict resolution, enforcing community guidelines, and promoting positive interactions among players. 2. Communication Skills: I possess excellent communication skills, both written and verbal, which are essential for addressing player concerns, explaining rules, and mediating conflicts effectively. I am proficient in maintaining a respectful tone and understanding the perspectives of different players. 3. Dedication: I am committed to fostering a welcoming and respectful environment within Cats Bit. I understand the importance of being active and responsive as a moderator, and I am willing to dedicate a significant amount of time to fulfill the responsibilities associated with the role. 4. Fairness and Impartiality: I strongly believe in treating all players equally and fairly, regardless of their in-game achievements, experience, or personal background. I will ensure that rules and guidelines are applied consistently, creating a level playing field for all participants. 5. Team Player: I thrive in collaborative environments and can work effectively as part of a team. I am open to feedback, willing to learn from other moderators, and ready to contribute to discussions and decisions related to community management. If given the opportunity to become a moderator in Cats Bit's Oxide Survival, I will utilize my skills and experience to create a safe, respectful, and enjoyable gaming experience for all players. I am confident that my dedication, knowledge of the game, and passion for maintaining a positive community will make a meaningful difference. Thank you for considering my application. I look forward to the opportunity to contribute to the continued success of Oxide Survival. Should you require any additional information or have any questions, please do not hesitate to reach out. Sincerely, Samar
  16. here is the ID:ADB3F776DEEB495A it has not been banished for a week
  17. KayDeeGz


    Hey admins please ban this cheater Using aim bot and fast walk , please ban him B7F3BBCB2CD54C0B server eu 0.3 #94 and there are lots of cheater there most of the players are cheater ! Please read the complains and ban ! I’ve lost thousands of ammo iron sulfur and bases bcs of cheater !!!!!
  18. Im playing Oxide-Survival on Server #1. A Guy Called bbh is hacking into bases. (Glitches into doors) He is currently online (14:42 CET). Pls help i don’t want to lose everything i have. My ingame name is ☆. I even have proof
  19. 2B0488A3B31FC45D He use spider climb!!
  20. What if, every time we log into the game, the game checks the files, that there are no anti-hacker changes
  21. Mariusell


    7605A10FFFEACE71 use aim bot!!
  22. Mariusell


    83B8371749993153 aim bot !!..