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  1. Sp1272.

    I'm sad

    Really? Cats bit They don't do anything, they don't ban cheaters, they ban regular players, this system is complete bullshit. Even if nothing happens to send reports, some cheaters have been playing since the release of the update, and some Game all last wipe with cheats...
  2. Sp1272.

    I'm sad

    Cats bit wth? Where's anticheat? Why were we all happy when the update came out, why are there already so many bugs? Cheaters are already filled with cheaters, we are very upset by the update... @Catsbit.Care
  3. Sp1272.


    Developers of kats beat games, please tell me or reply to my comment, when there will be no update for half a year, the servers are filled with cheaters, there are a lot of bugs. Have you killed the game?Maybe you are preparing something big? After all, this goes beyond all limits... I really hope that you are preparing a quality update for us and you are not snickering like many other developers... Good luck