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Found 69 results

  1. My brother was banned just like that.So we played as usual. He writing to chat, chat works very badly. Only after five or ten attempts message are sent. Suddenly, he was banned by spam. He spammed not specifically. I hope you will understand this situation and unban him. Мой брат был забанен просто так. Итак,мы играли как обычно. Он писал в чат, чат очень плохо работает. Только с пятой или десятой попытки отправляется сообщение. Внезапно, он был забанен за спам. Он спамил не специально. Я надеюсь что вы поймете эту ситуацию и разбаните его. ID:110902DC632DEB0C
  2. Raizal


    Please banned id 430769832E487BB auto aim SERVER EU24
  3. Raizal


    Please report id 29B462349BF30D39 cheater Server eu24
  4. Please ban this cheater id 8C905B3524534778 eu24
  5. Raizal


    5B3E4BD59B3CCA23 Eu24 cheater please banned
  6. Raizal


    5B3E4BD59B3CCA23 Eu24 cheater please banned
  7. Pleaseeeeee unban pleaseee i want to play oxide
  8. Hello oxide owner Iam banned for nothing and reason say you ar eban for cheating but i didit use hack i swear to my life please unban ms
  9. Can you unban my accound lv 20 i got banned becouse i kill all in prime i just ping player not hacker unban me plis ID :DC6AA9506E9AA022
  10. AR Lacava ID:5ABBDD7B1AF29304 AR KING ID:E83B5C40A92D6688 Tele kill y correr agachar
  11. Hacker us 6 2 cheater using cheats video proof
  12. Hello dear developers, my account with the purchased copter was hacked, after I returned the account he was banned for cheating Please unblock my account Account Details ID: 86461758EDA7BDF
  13. These guys are a huge thorn against everyone running around with aimbot and using spider hacks to climb over walls or on top of bases it’s just not fair they need to be banned asap! I only have photo evidence as can’t seem to get video evidence on. But in the image u will see 2 HACKERS on top of my base where no normal person would be able to get to so they both need to be banned so people can enjoy the game again.
  14. ID :647B3B1A2694B156 Hacker Aimbot #US 35 Prime
  15. ID :647B3B1A2694B156 Hacker Aimbot #US 35 Prime
  16. Serv:15 Us F16AAB673F6A82DC
  17. On US Prime server #35 there is a hacker with aimkill screwing everyone using Tramaps and you do nothing about it. We are already tired of so many hackers and you do not take measures against them. Do something about it this person should not continue screwing up our gaming experience. Its ID is: 2F8072EEEA9CA5B4 Name MikanzZ US Prime #35
  18. ENGLISH: I ask you to remove the ban from my account because it was an erroneous ID, I don’t remember to be honest, but my nickname:Санжар10 as on the forum in Russian letters, there were no complaints about me on the forum, but my enemies in the game complained about me because they don’t know how to shoot properly because they lost to my friend who only has a shotgun and their internet is very laggy, and when I killed someone it was suspicious of a cheat, it was because my internet is also very laggy, my internet is very weak, especially when they gave me a ban, I was top- 3 servers and have you ever seen a person in the top 3 servers with a cheat? and at the same time we write in the chat how he cheated in... did... Sorry! and if I were a cheater I wouldn’t have died 1049296493836 times because I’m not the best pvp Русский: Прошу снять бан с моего аккаунта, так как был ошибочный идентификатор, не помню если честно, но ник у меня такой же как и на форуме русскими буквами, на форуме ко мне претензий не было, но мои враги в игре жаловались на меня, потому что не умеют правильно стрелять, потому что проиграли моему другу, у которого есть только дробовик и у них очень тормозит интернет, и когда я кого-то убил, это было подозрительно на чит, это потому что у меня тоже интернет очень тормозит, у меня интернет очень слабый, особенно когда меня забанили, я был в топ-3 серверах, а вы когда-нибудь видели в топ-3 сервера человека с читом? а заодно пишем в чате, как он обманул... сделал... Извини! и если бы я был читером я бы не умер 1049296493836 раз потому что я не лучший пвп
  19. 2CECE8848D5FEAED -aim speedhack, spiderhack 10 lvl 6124206B31B06700 - 15 lvl team with hackers 371E6E017D7C54C7 - speedhack VIDEO PROOF: ban pls this team of hackers
  20. Server 18us ID:EB35A231E1B2B9A6 Please unban I played without a cheat I even have donated items:(