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  1. NoRegret


    any info on the update? maybe date or something?
  2. NoRegret


    Finally Catsbit you listened to us... btw can you make players sleep when they go dc? im tired of these people just wasting my ammo and then going dc for 2 hours
  3. NoRegret

    UPDATE 0.4

    i have a theory that catsbit never updated the anticheat is because catsbit is selling bypass for hack makers, they tell hack makers what assets or string will change there and that, if they updated the anticheat the hack makers will not pay them anymore
  4. I'm sorry, but what a rubbish, weak, useless anti-hacker system you have @Catsbit.Care, it's surreal, no human being playing on an iPhone can play the dynamics of the game, because the game is full of hackers, it's impossible, I threw my money in the trash buying the helicopter thinking it was going to be an advantage in this shitty game, forgive me once again but I hope you give up on this shit, sell to another company, because this is a failure! Good natured people like me it's impossible to play, congratulations on the incompetence of your developers who aren't even good at putting 1 admin on each server with an obligation to ban hackers to at least try to reduce it, but no you don't do shit, how angry I get with that! Congratulations on your disability! Congratulations!!!
  5. NoRegret

    Bow bug

    just kidding mate im BocahRookie lmao
  6. NoRegret

    Bow bug

    i know, like how AlexBhizer used a bow and it makw you freeze/crash, btw i know your'e indonesia and play on us7, and i know everything about you
  7. fix the ladder in nuclear facility so we can go up and down without getting killed by fall damages
  8. NoRegret

    UPDATE 0.4

    i understand bro, but why people have to use hack? its an easy game tbh for me, theyre just so desperate for hacks that some players will even pay more than 100$ for hacks, bro just get good at the game..
  9. NoRegret

    UPDATE 0.4

    Catsbit pls for once listen to the player suggestion and critics, not even a day after the update some russian already make hack that can have godmode, unlock all item without any research, and fast speed without getting kicked, pls catsbit you didnt need big updates, you just need ANTICHEAT update and make your apk more hard to bypass by hack makers, this is just nuts, no wonder ppl are mad even after the update
  10. NoRegret


    any info on updates?