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  1. In the pause menu press map and you will see a map, just like a times table
  2. Most games aim to be as realistic as possible, if you die, you respawn, having to start over, not just be able to kick you
  3. True, likr possibly taming deer and bears to ride them
  4. I am not asking because i want to cause chaos but becase my firends always use this glitch and tear my builds and me to the ground
  5. Can you tell me what things you used with bluestacks? Like the key mapping and panning?
  6. I diwnloaded a mod on my other device and tested the armor, the winner came out to be Leather Armor, it adds 43% protection while wood holds a place of 34%
  7. They should add a way to chip away at the land and go underground because usually toxic players just raid you
  8. When you place it down you respawn there, you can't shit time cycles withit
  9. I was playing the game when i joined a server, i made a bow, and it had no cooldown, like, you would just aim it and spam the shoot and it could insta-kill anything and burn through any build in seconds, how do i do this again?