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  1. The essence of this complaint is please fix the excessive restart problem on the US 1 server and please fix the login error problem
  2. Please fix the excessive restart problem on server us#1 every few minutes the server restarts frequently and it annoys me especially the ingredients for cooking don't run smoothly because Every time the server is restarted, the burning will die, please fix this problem and also please fix the login error problem because when it happens the player is still active on the server while using The player cannot enter the server due to an error please fix this is very important and please read player complaints about the game so that this game continues to develop
  3. Is your system like this? I always get game crashes, it's not really a problem for me, but when the game crashes, the player is still active on the server and doesn't move while I Can't enter the game and what happens? Player dies, someone kills him because he doesn't move, is that respect? Please fix the main problem. I always farm and get a lot However there is a crash in the game please really read this very important
  4. Please fix the problem of down server lag only when there are many players or not
  5. Hello catsbit, why am I accused of cheating? I don't use it and sometimes it crashes out of the server and it says failed to get news, please fix it
  6. ID:8B4B3241C5352D77 ID:2A33F924D41C887B This is their ID but that's only 2 there are many more they are not playing they are Filipinos and when I chatted they said I was cheating because I was following my friends
  7. HK Captain


    Hello developers, please trouble the people on this server, they use cheats and I am also always targeted by them, they are in groups and they are Filipinos and Russians. They use heck water auto aim heck auto farm location and many more and they always toxix stutter they are the first on that server I beg people to bother I have bothered some of them my name is HK captain please also in the next update just delete the guest feature because they can't use official accounts so please delete the guest account so that Less cheaters