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  1. Hi everyone We found out that voice chat has a huge impact on the performance of many devices. 0.3.2 fix for ios will be without voice chat, because the game freezes a lot because of it. Now the question for android players, is it better to keep the voice chat or not?
  2. Please update the game on app store
  3. Да, сделаем в ближайших обновлениях
  4. Update 0.3.1 is available on App Store!
  5. Она не будет удалена, теперь ее можно будет переместить в настройках так, как вам удобно
  6. - Bug with purchases fixed - Bug with players list scrolling fixed - Microphone button can be removed Unfortunately, still no news from app store.
  7. согласны, обычно быстрее
  8. Hi, could you precise what country do you live in?
  9. Catsbit.Care


    Hi, Thanks, we will check it out
  10. Catsbit.Care


    Hi there, Thanks, we will think what is the reason.
  11. Hi, Could you precise when exactly you made this record? We have an idea why it happens
  12. Добрый день, Можете писать и на русском языке) Проверим. После перезахода в игру замок появился?
  13. we are waiting too!! app store moderation takes too much time hope it will be tomorrow
  14. Catsbit.Care


    Hi, After the server update this problem is fixed, isn't it?
  15. Catsbit.Care


    Thanks, I have already banned him, because another player reported him with a record.
  16. You also have 250-400 ping?
  17. Thanks for replying. We are trying to find the reason. Btw, what country do you live in?
  18. @JMRVRGS @ChrdVtlz Could you precise the device you play on?
  19. Could you precise the device you play on?
  20. Oh please, it makes no sense This money is not worth the bad opinion and poor rating We just can't suggest a resolution for the moment
  21. It kicks you because of long loading. We will think how to fix it
  22. We'll try to check on your phone