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  1. Hi there, You know, every update goes together with wipe. In other words, everything goes deleted: all buildings, items in inventory etc. You have to begin the game from scratch. So, this is not a bug, this is absolutely normal that all your resources disappeared.
  2. Thanks for the report, the player is banned.
  3. Yes, I wanted to write that all these players were already banned if I properly saw their nicknames in the video. But smth went wrong and I forgot to leave this message. Sorry, I will be more attentive next time.
  4. Thanks, this player is banned.
  5. Добрый день, к сожалению, в ближайшее время не планируется. Об обновлении сообщим здесь на форуме и в наших соц сетях.
  6. Thanks, I've already banned him.
  7. Hi, Thanks for writing. We hope that in the next update these problems will be fixed. It will be very soon, closer to Christmas. As for adv, we do not decide what ads to add. Google is in charge of it, the game is 18+, that's why he offers such adds. Anyway we are sorry that you see it, I understand your indignation.
  8. Thanks, this player is banned for cheating.
  9. Thanks, these users are banned.
  10. Intentional using of bugs is prohibited by terms&conditions of our game. Any more questions?
  11. Hi, Sorry, without record I can't ban this player.
  12. Время бана для 2 обоих сокращен до 7 дней.
  13. Добрый день, к сожалению, багоюз также запрещен правилами нашей игры. Игрок, воспользовавшись багами игры, получает преимущество, что делает игру нечестной. Единственное, что я могу для вас сделать, это уменьшить время бана.
  14. Thanks for the report, this player is banned for intentional using of bugs
  15. Добрый день, Напишите, пожалуйста, на русском, чтобы нормально разобраться в ситуации
  16. Пожалуйста, напишите на русском. Опишите еще раз, каким багом вы воспользовались.
  17. @Bellaa Thanks for your time and efforts to record hackers! I appreciate it! All these players are banned for cheating.
  18. Ok, I got it, this player will be banned. Updated. The player is banned on the forum and in the game.
  19. @XGamerYT @WAX @Welynprint @Chuckruts @LancerO Could you explain me what's wrong with this player? Why so many people are mad at him? Does he bother you? Can you provide with some proof? Please don't tell about all this youtuber stuff