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  1. Hi there, the work is on progress, at the moment i can't precise the update date
  2. Ok, thanks for information, we will try to fix it
  3. Hi, What kind of hackers have you noticed?
  4. Hi there, Thanks for reporting your problem. Yes, we know that this bug exists. However at the moment there is no other way than click Suicide Sorry, this is alpha version, there are bugs and problems that can lead to loss We will fix it in the next update
  5. Hi there, Sorry, I don't speak Spanish, so I will repply in English Have you tried to click refresh?
  6. Пока обновление в работе, не могу уточнить точной даты
  7. Спасибо за подсказку, подумаем, как можно реализовать И да, мы не российские разработчики
  8. @survival simulater fan @Uncle Joe Does the problem persist? It was the flaw of anticheat, but we think it's fixed
  9. Thank for information, we will try to find the problem.
  10. What's fixed: Anti SpeedHack fixed Timing of log rot in cupboard fixed Craft ressources restore in case of disconnecting Buidling system improved
  11. What's fixed: Anti SpeedHack Wooden walls improved Cupboard opening fixed
  12. Как раз хотим добавить в следующей обнове
  13. Подскажите, пожалуйста, какая у вас модель телефона
  14. Hi there, Thank you for describing your problems and precising your phone model. 1-2-4 - we will test it 3 - at the moment this is loaded with shell, we willl fix it 5- yes, it's not a bug. As far as you place these things, your house needs more wood not to be deteriorated
  15. обновление серверное было, вам не нужно его дополнительно загружать
  16. Hi there, Thanks, some ideas are well noted! If you want to contribute, welcome!
  17. Фикс с античитом, улучшенными стенами выложили вчера Обновление с добавлением новых фишек еще в работе
  18. Hi there, yes, it will be in the new update
  19. Спасибо, как раз думали, как лучше изменить это)
  20. Catsbit.Care


    Thank you, we will do our best to improve the game!
  21. Укажите, пожалуйста, никнейм в игре и номер сервера, на котором играли
  22. Catsbit.Care


    Hi there, This is the best solution we have for now. Sorry, this is an alpha version, we will try to prevent the game from such problems in the next updates