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  1. Thanks for the report, this player is banned permanently for cheating.
  2. Catsbit.Care

    We are hiring!

    Hey everyone! Important news: we are looking for a 3D designer! If you want to join our team, write at this email and tell what you can do. Key points: - Freelance work; - Your work experience is not so important to us as your enthusiasm, creativity, accuracy and organization; - We will offer all candidates to pass a test task. We accept applications until November 20.
  3. Sorry, but there will be questions. This video doesn't show properly whether it's cheating or some glitch.
  4. Hi, Please delete everything from search form and click Refresh.
  5. We checked it out, but on our devices everything works properly at the moment. Was it some temporary glitch? Btw i remember i could not join the game. What helped you enter after all?
  6. We make wipes together with the update.
  7. Does the problem persist? Because everything works well.
  8. Ok, I will give you a chance. Maybe I am wrong. In this case I apologize for misunderstaning ? I revoked the ban, you can join the game now. But if somebody reports you with a proof, I will ban you permanently.
  9. Hi there, Yes, as I already mentionned, we are currently working on updating our anticheat system.
  10. Hi there, Unfortunately, this video doesn't prove that this player is a hacker, maybe it's his building and he just entered by the door ?
  11. Come on, you amitted several times that you used aimbot. In other words you violated the rules of the game and you said it openly. Not banning you would be disrespect for all other players. Please stop spamming on the forum.
  12. You confessed yourself, I don't need proof
  13. Just for information, Muhammad Arif is banned for cheating. Ben is banned for inappropriate language.
  14. We need some video record in order to ban him.
  15. Thanks, but you will be also banned now for using it
  16. What hacks are they talking about?)
  17. Объясните, пожалуйста, подробнее, в чем у вас проблема, а лучше скиньте скриншот.
  18. Yes, please make a record if you can
  19. Catsbit.Care


    Thanks, this player is banned.
  20. Sorry, but I can't ban him without any proof
  21. Thanks for the record, we will add it in our to-do list.
  22. Thanks for the report, these players are banned for inappropriate language.