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  1. Fan


    I made a rifle and I had ammo and it wasn't reloading pls fix this
  2. Now the server saying im speed hacking and kick ing me out pllls helpppp
  3. do something plsssssssssss put like to kick them out of the server but it could ban hacker but strong enough kick out hacker Sincerely Nature
  4. I was right now online and a hacker killed me with axe those stone axe and was using speed hack do something pls!!!!! his name is hoe
  5. Fan


    Could some pls play with me im at server oxide 4
  6. Fan


    Who made a hunting rifle I raided a base the server is oxide 4
  7. Fan


    hi have a questions how do put down a furnace? I wont me :( and how do find water? anyways thank you for working hard on the game .