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  1. Fan

    Bug on tool cupboards

    Welynprint help by downloading paralell and copying oxide and download it in the parallel ?
  2. When logged on i saw my base walls and floors at low health so checked my cupboard and it still filled with wood and my base was getting destroyed pls help I dont wanna lose my base
  3. Nope It didn't work thx for trying ?
  4. Nope nothing worked its the same this sucks ?
  5. Catsbit nothing working but im downloading now to see if it works now i waited 2 weeks hope its work now ?
  6. Catsbit I wanna say nothing working the game still say"failed to refresh server list try again and someone helped me and still not working ?
  7. Fan

    Server refresh

    My mobile data is on
  8. Server 2 and it not working for me look
  9. How long will it take to fix the failed server refresh try again?
  10. Fan

    Server refresh

    mine not working its still says failed to server refresh try again its been one day now ?
  11. Fan

    Can anyone help

    Im screen is still the same its been 4 hours
  12. Fan

    Can anyone help

    I was playing but I disconnected and when. I cam back this happen any solutions anyone?
  13. Fan

    Im banned?

    Someone else got kicked out