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  1. The Game is full cheaters they need ban if they are cheaters and buy some shits in the store they are so fkn braindead
  2. User: PK HAMODA (speed hack, Spider Hack) Id: DED67DEBC871FAD8 https://youtube.com/shorts/JXX9TYF8GGg?si=RyCfdzP8ObDKRDBM
  3. Si te banearon es por chitero ahora a pudrirse baneado pequeño
  4. Broo you friend spend all that money and he use cheats so fkn brain dead is crazy iq=0
  5. Why you use cheats for farm levels bro you are so fkn dumb
  6. Enjoy you ban Cheater brain dead cry now
  7. Tiesamen

    Game dead

    No update Game so dead
  8. The system is still open and there are many people with money, they are allowing paytowin, whether stupid or not, we are not interested, do not try to fool me
  9. You don't have arguments and you invite people to leave the game, aren't you ashamed? admit that the coin system is paytowin and stop eating so much castbit's tail
  10. It is still not clear to you that with €100 or more you literally become the owner of any service paying for coins, isn't that pay to win? Can you pay to invest real money in brimstone? Isn't that pay to win? that you have smoked on this day do not apologize be a man and face things do not eat catsbit eggs so much having some personality and that other games have the same or similar functions is no excuse those games surely are also paytowin at the moment you can paying for resources means that you can put yourself ahead of anyone paying REAL money... that I have to explain this to you, and that you have a rank here, I am ashamed
  11. Primero tienes que poner la id del usuario y segundo aportar pruebas del mismo el juego está plagado de hackers y servidores hay muchos que digas que hay un hacker en la ciudad... Cual servidor que usuario cual es su id tienes pruebas??...
  12. Just because it's a way to support the game doesn't mean it's not paytowin, don't confuse the terms. obviously paying for those coins WITH REAL MONEY you buy materials that make you get ahead of others if I put €1000 in coins I get ahead of anyone on a server that says it is not paytowin that form of payment makes me doubt that you understand the term so much and I doubt that you have played the game too much, you have to be more responsible, do not try to fool us