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  1. CupBoard Yeni Güncellemeden Sonra Bozuldu! Örneğin eşyaları koyduğumda "Eviniz 12 saat korunacak" Yazısı Çıkıyor. Ama Real Life'da 7 saat geçtiğinde CupBoard'da 3 saat geçmiş gibi görünüyor. Veya Bazen Dolap Üzerine Çok Fazla Eşya Koyduğumuzda Eşya Kaybolur!! Lütfen Bu 2 Hatayı Düzeltin.
  2. Some of the new players don't know what to do in the game. So Let It Be A Game Tutorial For The New Game Installers. Thanks to the Game Tutorial, New Players in the Game Can Play the Game Better and Pleasantly
  3. Şahin


    What are your thoughts on this Survey, or Survey Topic?
  4. When We Burn Too Many Stoves in Our Base, Smoke Spreads at Home and Oxygen Decreases. When the Oxygen Decreases, our Character's Health will gradually go away in 8 ways. Or when we burn too many stoves in our basement, we can build a chimney in our house to prevent the decrease of oxygen or we can prevent the decrease of oxygen thanks to windows. It's a Bit of a Ridiculous Suggestion, But Anyway...
  5. Şahin


    I think it should be harder to make a gun. Add "Weapon Making Table" To The Game For This. But Make This Table Be Difficult. Because if this table was easy to make, everyone would make a gun and the game would be meaningless. And Also, Making Weapons Must Consume More Materials. And I Should Add That Please Decrease The Fire Rates And Damage Of Weapons! Thank you for reading I don't know how to speak English. Sorry for this one. Have a nice day
  6. We are able to protect our base thanks to the new high wooden walls. But There Are Those Who Use These Walls With Bad Intention. For example, as in the picture below. Please Solve This Problem. Because of this problem, I can't enter the village and gas stations!
  7. Şahin


    Servers Are Constantly Giving "Restarting" Warning And Servers Are Shutting Down! Please Solve This Error!!
  8. Difficult to Obtain Scrap. Therefore, Scrap Barrels should be multiplied on the map, and 2 Junkyards should be added. Junk yard: This Area Should Be Big Like Factory Village and Have 2 on the Map.For example, it may be in these regions of the map: And I'll Add, Let There Be A Little Mystery In This Junkyard. For example, Have a Security Shed at the Door of the Junkyard. And Next to This Security Shack is the Skeleton of a Dead Security. Or Get Spoilers About When The Sandbox 3D Game Will Be Updated! That's all my suggestions. Thank you for reading Hope You Can Add These Catsbit! I trust you!
  9. Ok. Thanks for your answer
  10. Previously, the servers were 70 people and the servers were not easily filled. But Servers Have Been Reduced To 50 People Again! And the servers fill up very easily. I hope you can fix this glitch.
  11. Well, I didn't know that. I probably heard wrong from my friend. I Will Ask My Friend Again Thanks for your reply
  12. Arkadaşıma Oxide: Survival Island Game'i Yüklemesini Söyledim. Yüklendi ve beraber oynayacaktık ama arkadaşımın Rusya (RU) sunucuları var. Ama Avrupa (AB) sunucularım var. Ve aynı ülkede, aynı şehirdeyiz. Ve Lütfen Arkadaşımı Avrupa Sunucularına Alır Mısın? Arkadaşımın Oyundaki Kullanıcı Adı: Mezarcı
  13. Unfortunately, I Couldn't Take Too Many Screenshots Because I Have Storage Problems On My Phone. But If I See This Player Again, I Will Take A Screenshot.
  14. This Event has been going on for 5 or 6 days, A Player Is Annoying Me, Wherever I Build A House It Finds And Smashes It, But Only On Server 10. I even have proof! Please Ban This Person
  15. I did not know that. Thanks for your answer!