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    Hello! Your Game Is Very Calm And Peaceful... Bird Sounds Very Calm. Also, the Sunset in the Game is Unique... But there are some bugs in the game. Alpha Version This Will Be Fixed Soon (•‿•) First of all, it must be brought into the game with currency to exchange with other players, for example, we can create currency using pieces of metal. And It Might Look Better If The Bed Isn't On The Floor. Pets Must Be Added to the Game! Our Pet Can Support Us On The Hunt!! And the Game can come with a chair, table and clock. Buildings are self-destructing, I would appreciate it if you could examine this error We Should Be able to Raise Building Walls! And Main Menu Interface Can Be Made Better These were my recommendations, you will be a huge company in the future! I Trust You
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    New Uptade

    Hello Catsbit! Your Game Is Very Good But There Is One Thing I'm Curious About. Let's see when the update will come to the game? I will be glad if you answer I Love You Cat Lice! Note: I Wrote This Article From Translation, It May Be Wrong.