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  1. Havis

    Server wipe

    Good? , now yes it is balanced
  2. we brazilians are happy with this news ? , thank you catsbit
  3. being a minor and playing is no problem, the age limit is mandatory... but from the moment the player starts to verbally attack people, that is the problem..now if the player does not show any inappropriate behavior there is no reason to ban.
  4. there must be a problem with your cell phone... or do you use an emulator?
  5. Diminuir a defesa da armadura leather porque está praticamente impossível matar um Full leather , mesmo acertando todos os tiros de assalt rifle.
  6. Olá , sou player top 1 do server 1 , estou gostando muito do jogo! Tem muito potêncial , espero que atualizem o jogo mais e mais , vocês tem meu total apoio! #SERVERBRAZIL