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  1. Are you even trying to get rid of hackers??? Why is almost every server you own filled with hackers?? I got screenshots of people admitting to cheating I report them and they still there. 🤔 is it a money maker? I’m curious now. You have people on here that spend literal money just to get fucked over by hackers or our weapons not even work. The other day I had a hacker stuck to my back like a leech following me trying to kill me with a stone hatchet, I had to dc so they’d get off my character & then right after I decide to come back I decided to go collecting an when I got around certain players my game would completely freeze up an make either ak shots or shotgun noises while slowly killing my character. I love this game but hackers are taking it over day by day. 

    In video you can see a player named Rocket Boom falling through the map using kick hack. I tried to record the part an post it to forum but it wasn’t allowing me to post it. Player is on US #30.   @Catsbit.Care

  3. How can I lose a gun fight when they BARLEY even register a hit ? Lol . Make that make sense .. turn the rockets up IF anything ??? y’all complain about hackers but want to turn everything down , this is one of the best mobile games I’ve ever played but y’all making it shitty (excuse my French) with your lame advice for @Catsbit.Care @Catsbit.Dev . The rockets are the best thing about this game , what house can you take out with a gun ? I’d like to know … @Mohamed dz 

  4. SURVIVAL SIMULATOR , catsbits other game that has NO rockets for the people that are complaining about it . Leave the rockets alone tho ???  if anything , turn them up ..  the guns are already trash so let’s turn the rockets down ? Makes no sense to me .. this game is becoming trash … y’all giving catabit the wrong ideas lol ?? 

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  5. Why did everyone get reset ? I wish we could at least get a heads up when something like this happens ??? , there are many people wasting time at this point to build their inventory’s up just to get reset with no warning … this has got to be a joke , I’ve wasted hours if not days building up just to get reset

  6. Obviously everybody is having anti cheat problems , but it’s getting really out of hand it’s starting to kick every 3 minutes , whether it’s chopping tree , walking thru your house , going thru a bag or even crafting/typing something . I know people can get busy but the wait on some type of fix for this is irritating ??? I put time into this game to survive not get glitched out an die cause the ad won’t even load a x for me to click out of the ad to play the game .. I love this game the update is amazing an it has a lot of potential but it’s pointless to play until the anti cheat gets fixed .. it’s not fair for people putting in work ?I know it may be just a game but you can get everything back on it but your time ?‼️ Pls check into this @Catsbit.Care @Catsbit.Dev 

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  7. @Catsbit.Care idk if it’s just me but majority of the servers will authorize/load the ad but won’t let me in (kicked me back to server list) an the ones I am allowed in kick me a few times before I can actually get on the game an play.. & servers have been very laggy there are moments where my character completely freezes causing me to get killed ? I know you work hard on this game an I appreciate that but pls check it out when you can it’s making the game hard to play ???

  8. Hello @Catsbit.Care i know you’re a busy person , but I have noticed in the update it has been kicking a lot of people mainly for no reason ? , and anytime I try to click on a server it will authorize it an load the ad but will go back to server list ? (not allowing me on) & thank you for update though it’s pretty dope ! ??? 

  9. @Catsbit.Care hello, idk if this is part of the “update” or not but on eu server 7 I was hitting a tree an once it began to fall I was underneath it and it killed me saying it was due to “fall” , do the trees affect players now or is this just a glitch because the update is coming?