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  1. So I came into thread because my name got mentioned as I said in above reply, I also admitted to saying I was admin in game, I also mentioned players using & also bragging about using glitches. I haven't been toxic in forum in anyway at all same with the game & if u want to directly quote what I said in game . I said I was a "silent partner" so please if u are going to mention my name make sure u can direct quote as to avoid confusion. Please don't mention my name again this is childish b.s & I want to be left out of it & simply play the game.
  2. Quite happy to admit I was saying I was a admin to drive out toxic players like Doritos using glitchs & bragging about a "new glitch" called the faze glitch. Ruining the fun of players doing the right thing in server. As for me being toxic I can honestly say I wasn't I'm 34 & to old for childish toxic b.s. only reason I'm even bothering to reply is that I was made aware my name got brought up. Ppl in glass houses shouldn't throw the first stone ?
  3. Jester


    Why did we just get 2 wipes in 24hrs? How are we supposed to build not knowing when wipe will happen... this will drive players away.
  4. Jester


    Fix floor glitch, a set wipe routine, better anti hack, fix speed hack, fix spawning under base, fix shotgun not working U shoot & doesn't hit target even close range. Other than that great game. Look forward to all updates.
  5. Jester


    2)2 wall hacking, flying