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  1. Hi developer How can my friend authorize my buggy or copter? Keep working ?
  2. Muhammad Arif

    Eno 03

    Ouh. Then how you catsbit already changed eno's name?
  3. Muhammad Arif

    Eno 03

    Wait, are you developer too?
  4. Tf? U talk like u know everything dude
  5. Muhammad Arif


    Why u nerf the bow.
  6. Dude that gut i meant is hacker. My friend got kill by him too while he is running.
  7. Wait, we can report someone without evidence?
  8. Ouh yeah? I didnt noticed?
  9. Ouh thank you for the explanation. Next time ill make sure to record him?‍♂️?‍♂️
  10. I just got kill by person. He headshot without miss a single bullet while he is jumping. So, is hacking still work?
  11. I dont know if hacker is still work or not. But, i just died by a guy with ar and headshot me without miss a single bullet while im running. Is cheat still work or not? Thanks ?
  12. U can find pumpkin anywhere. It is spawn randomly at random place. Zombies are wake up at night ?‍♂️?‍♂️. U can even farm the zombie.
  13. Yes, just join another server, the leave it and then get in ur server back
  14. Bruh. im gonna nuke the map???
  15. Happened to me 2 times and got killed. Its happen when y r lag or smth