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  1. I agree that we need a report button there are many trolls and hackers
  2. When will a new update to cubic sandbox the last one was 1 year ago.
  3. Here some bugs and glitches: 1.If you spawn a tower and stay in the lader while you delete it you will start to float kinda like in Minecraft. 2.If you stack many helicopter pads in the spawn area the character will fall through the floor. 3.If you place alot of plant circles bellow you and remove the perfect amount to fit below it and jump it will teleport you to the top kinda like number 2 but in reverse. 4. If you place a motorcycle next to a wall it and get in and then getting out of it will make you go through the wall. 5. Sometimes you will get stuck in a loading screen and need to restart the game. 6.you can place buildings over other player's and they can shoot you and you can't. 7. If you spam the shoot button and press the stop shooting button the animation for shooting will stop but you will still be able to shot. Please fix this or make then into a feature like a space map or a teleporter hope you fix this ?
  4. You should add different weapons that you can buy with the money in the game maybe add planes, ships, and more cars make a ocean map and a half sea half sand/green land, add character customisation like hats, pants and shirts make a death blocks like spikes and lava, add AI when you attack then they will defend themselves also animals chickens, horse's, dogs and more also have monster's like zombies, sharks you get it, cubic sandbox needs new mayor updates it has a potential 1 year ago I checked the game it had 70-120 player's online now it has 15-45 player's if cubic sandbox doesn't get updates it will be a dead game please update it.