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  1. now when i was this game in pvp mode in the mittltray map i saw alligators around the bullidings the alligators killed the players and me i rewpan i saw more alligators they were very giant the alligators come from the wall was busted a lot come from alligators from that busted wall i swear i saw giant alligators the game models of the aliigators were from resident evil 2 1998 and fromresident evil darkside and from resident evil outbreak
  2. whats the town called in cubic sandbox and what sate and year take place in cubic sandbox
  3. thelolgamerdude

    Hack news

    yeah they need to be banned
  4. thelolgamerdude


    okay spo gannon riley is makeing a invisibilty mod and hes aiso makeing fun of peolpe death and bullying and threating to track their ip andress on sandbox3d and cubicsandbox please banned gannon riley on sandbox3d and cubic sandbox please catsbit
  5. wow i guess cubic sandbox and sandbox 3D will be like this forever with the hackers and trolls toxic players and toxic hackers and etc and no updates
  6. yea there are a lot of kids playing this game
  7. do yall think there will be a sequel to sandbox 3D and cubic sandbox do yall think that it will get a sequel like am pretty the sequel its gonna be tilted Sandbox3D PART II And Cubicsandbox PART II yall think its comeing out?
  8. do you think there should be a quickchat and AGE GATE in sandbox3d and cubicsandbox bc those a lot creeps and toxic players AND MOST OF ALL Hackers thine there be a quickchat and a report button in sandbox 3d and cubic sandbox if you dont what quick its like in among us but its like if ur 13 years are any young years you no longer chat in game your force use quickchat featrue its like a chat tool in game if you know what is a chat tool and quickchat
  9. is a sandbox 3d and cubic sandbox sequel happening catsbits please tell me