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  1. If they add bandages they should make healing slower because if not PvP would be quite large
  2. Bro I just played a random map 2 minutes and a russian exploiter already one shotted me
  3. Minja


    Seems like yes
  4. This guy was annoying a spanish talker without any reason
  5. No, I've been playing 3 days on server EU 5 and no one robbed me without destroying my base
  6. His name: niggartoe Server: EU 5 This guy was saying homophobic and racist things in the chat
  7. When I was playing there was no restart, the doors where the stone ones and the server was US 1
  8. It happened to me too and I losted everything, I'm a mobile player
  9. Minja

    Upgrade failure

    It happened to me too