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  1. hello I would like to change my nickname from ChrdVtlz to [TSW] ChrdVtlz. Many people add me and I cant see the server list. please change my nickname. here's my id. thanks
  2. ChrdVtlz


    @Catsbit.Care how about this?
  3. I can't find "L" now on the server list and I'm not using cheats lol. I only have custom crosshair that is available in the playstore. it was recorded on May 31, 2022
  6. They're not the same people, they're different hackers using same hacks.
  7. Lol you sure you banned them all? I just saw carlitos999 doing his hacks in us1 right now. Here's the screenshot of his name
  8. USING BUGS Different hackers with their own videos. Please take time to watch it to see their names. Ty