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  1. The login is only guest for now and if i change phone the account will gone so i just thinking if the game will have other login for the future. Just asking
  2. Just wondering if the dev have a plan to add it. That will be a great update
  3. Just wondering if there is a official discord server
  4. Well if the timer is 60 second ahead it will be good idea like you will get noticed 60 second first then 30 second then 10 second that will be good
  5. Zero

    Asia server

    Indonesia, South East Asia
  6. Zero

    Base update??

    By adding a half wall or triangle foundation and roof will be great for extra base protection from raid...and if possible we can adjust the foundation height like when we look up a bit the height increase and when look down the height decrease.
  7. What I mean by hotspot is the minigames like the glowing or shiny thing when hitting the nodes or the red "X" when hitting the tree that can boost the gathering speed just like rust.
  8. Zero

    Asia server

    It will be good to add asia server. Cause my ping is really high when playing in other server...