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  1. Alex1y23

    Update 0.3.6

    I want to ask if the chetears problem resolved even a bit?
  2. Alex1y23

    Update 0.3.6

    Yeah i also gived up my loot
  3. i wonder when will the game be finished or at least when it will exit the alpha version like in how many years
  4. Alex1y23


    agree, we need some weekly or monthly news to be more patient and hopefull
  5. Alex1y23


    Ok cool thanks for response.
  6. Alex1y23


    So, someone know some informations about TOTLAS Survival After Nuclear War? I know that is a new game like oxide that is developing.
  7. Then will be too much players
  8. Why did i saw some guys speed hacking ?
  9. Lol i just dont played a couple of hours and people already have rifles Like it didn't happened the wipe
  10. Actually thats from pc rust so its their idea