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  1. Hope you can join the crew and do somethin amazing
  2. And sorry i dont know about payments, maybe you should try to ask the developers in a private message or a special section.
  3. Oh why in the world he would need to write in russian. You my friend should learn a god damn language that its international.I myself learned english in school and im not from a english speaking country im a romanian from moldova right next to ukraine if you didnt know.And also you could use the auto translate from the google.Maybe i didn't want to learn english but i had to and i'm glad i did.i hate that in moldova are a lot of russians and russians speakers and they live here an entire life and still cant learn a god damn language, im furious man like when you go to a shop you ask them something and they are like сто like why i wasnt talking in russian and i personaly dont know it the national language is romanian not russian. Russians will speak russian free in rusia but not in here cause here is not russia and they think they are the best or somethin. And yeah in general i hate this types of people.for example if you go to foreign European country nobody will talk to you in romanian and neither in russia.if thats in other countrys why in moldova we would have to talk in russian.this is like russians are disrespecting us the local population and government and believe they are special. Thats why hate them and i have other fealings and words to say but i think it would be inappropriate to say them here so thank you (in advance) for understanding.
  4. Thats same for me i'm playing on s20fe Android 12
  5. Alex1y23

    Update 0.3.6

    I want to ask if the chetears problem resolved even a bit?
  6. Alex1y23

    Update 0.3.6

    Yeah i also gived up my loot
  7. i wonder when will the game be finished or at least when it will exit the alpha version like in how many years ?
  8. Alex1y23


    agree, we need some weekly or monthly news to be more patient and hopefull
  9. Alex1y23


    Ok cool thanks for response.
  10. Alex1y23


    So, someone know some informations about TOTLAS Survival After Nuclear War? I know that is a new game like oxide that is developing.