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    But when the heck IS the next update ?. This update made the server pop go way down. I just want to get a hotfix in a short amount of time.
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    Update News

    My dude, the vehicles will be free soon. They are behind a paywall so the devs and limit the amount in one server, until they are better optimized. So don’t worry about buying them.
  3. It is hard to do so. Otherwise, no, android devices have a prebuilt apk.installer, this is in all android type phones. Hacks are made with computers, able to change values in the game’s code, then they put the apk or android version of the game on download for other android users to download.
  4. Lol, yea ? I think this would be kinda funny
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    Prime Perks

    Yes, I have talked to xAnonyx about adding a creative mode like server to prime. This might come in the near hotfix
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    Your ideas sound great, but this game is still early in development and can’t make those features right now without seeming out of place. Also, landline should be cheaper imo. For the island to be bigger, we should have a player cap increase as well. And rockets should only get their dps for buildings and players. Overall, a great recommendation, just a bit of work, and it will be great my friend ☺️
  7. The suggestions topic on the Oxide part of the forums page ?
  8. Dude, look in suggestions, I shall enlighten you :):):):):):):):):)
  9. Bro, I have the best idea. Why don’t we add an exclusive skin for prime members, it should be an off brand Amazon box in replace of pants lol, Wammozon?. I think it would make a funny addition to the prime membership. @[CC] xAnony ?
  10. Ok ?, if you want to leave your donation to the devs, please @ or notify them to confirm it ? Thank-you for supporting the game that so many people love ❤️ @Isaac I love the picture of your cat ?
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    Update 0.3.6

    This is (the hacker situation) a very hard to fix thing. All we can hope for is a better anti-cheat. As for you, if the anti-cheat isn’t enough for you, then just record a short clip of them hacking, them post it in Player Reports. I hope you found this helpful ?
  12. I see you do not get the point, or how hacking works. There are hackers in almost every game, but they have better moderation. Just realize that there are only 2 devs who work hard to ban cheaters. Also, no one can stop hacks. Hacking is literally just modding the game’s code (which is really easy) and most people just download hacks from people who figured it out. Just be grateful that they even ban cheaters. SMH dude SMH ?
  13. Cool ? So I don’t mean to be “that guy” but when will a hotfix come? Almost all the servers are dead at the moment, and I think it’s because of the launch of the update (mainly the username fix) but if you can please tell me if my suggestions are reasonable and if so, tell them to the devs ??
  14. I do not see a picture, mind reposting? Just know that the vehicles are still poorly optimized and experimental, this paywall is to stop vehicle spam till they can optimize them. When the vehicles become a part of the main game, your money will be refunded. Cheers! ?
  15. My friend, this paywall is meant to people couldn’t spam them. The vehicles are not very optimized yet and to avoid lag, they gatekeep them. Also, I assure you that these vehicles will become free, and the money you paid for them will go back to you.
  16. They can never “fix” hacks, all they can do is make better moderation, which they are actively doing. Please knowledge this
  17. DEVS, PLEASE NOTE THIS THREAD. The Servers have been Dead for quite some time after the update. *SOMETHING REGARDING “PRIME” SERVERS I think prime servers are kinda just gate-kept servers, and not something special. I feel as if since we have PVP and PVE I think at least some of the prime servers should be creative testing servers. This would add Creativity in base design and make the payment of 10.00$ USD a justifiable payment. @Catsbit.Care @Catsbit.Dev @[CC] xAnony
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    Prime Perks

    If you didn’t read Catsbit or xAnonyx’s posts, the paywall on the vehicles are so people don’t spam them, there for they can focus on optimizing them. Also, the “Prime” perk is for no ads and access to Prime Servers. The Prime servers have no benefits but should be a creative mode type of servers. Also, “Prime” is not pay to win. Therefore giving people all bps is P2W. They
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    Njdafnjdzivndsjvnixcvjcnvjcxsnvncskjvnsdf I wanna be a duck ?????????
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    I agree, but let’s keep it like Rust though. We should really focus on the models lol. The buggy has a jet thruster in the back of it lol. And the helicopter looks way too fine, and not scrappy. They should have a more scrappy look like in Rust, as otherwise they seem out of place.
  21. 1st - Make the PvE selector work 2nd - Make the ability to clear server history 3rd - Reduce hunting rifle body shot by 15% 4th - Reduce rocket damage to structures and players by 20 5th - Make force wipe on hotfix date (These are all things that I highly suggest making in the very near future, as this will clear up a lot of things, thank you if you saw this @Catsbit.Care @Catsbit.Dev @[CC] xAnony) ?
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    The vehicles will be free, though to prevent lag, they put a temporary pay wall till they can optimize them. As for your suggestion, their head would get chopped off ? We should just keep it like normal or like Rust ?
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    Profile Picture, I want to know how to make one