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  1. Ура ТРЕУГОЛЬНИКИ не зря спамил пол года назад этим
  2. 1) The ability to create a room / team during the game without leaving the server 2) Change the avatar and nickname (since there is an ID (1 time a week to change the nickname))
  3. Ytefold


    Add experimental servers of the x2 loot type, while only persons with an account who can vote or write an assessment or error will be available
  4. Add the ability to build in the ground. BUT all items (boxes, sleeping bags, cabinets, etc.) will stand on the surface (earth, mountain) and also added the ability to build on the water at the same time no further than 1-2 floors from the beginning of the shore.
  5. Ytefold


    It's been 5 months since I haven't written my brilliant ideas, because to request a game... So, why not add a lot more boldy radius for cabinets and rt? Rt on PVE servers are built up for frequent, the boldy radius is increased by 4 times on rt and 2 on the road???
  6. Когда рак на горе свиснет
  7. Ytefold

  8. There is a cheat for acceleration or flight here
  9. Ytefold


    Create a Discord in which there will be a chat for players and a link to the form or transfer it to the discord. (I can throw a boost)
  10. The server moderation system will help get rid of cheaters by 65% (Approximate eviction) within a month (if there are willing to help) 1) Find an administrator for each server who will monitor pussies /banks from moderators / complaints and help players on the server itself 2) Add moderators who will monitor everything in the noklip or spaghetti (these are good and trusted people who can be trusted) 3) Ease the gameplay by adding a stone instead of an axe (and increase production by 25%) 4) Add new barrels with crape (of a different color, with 75 hp units) from which a little more scrap falls 5) Add music to the main menu 6) Add the ability to send a friend request to a player via the scoreboard 7) Add the possibility of settings on the server ? Add CHARCOAL 9) Remove the mallet from the workbench and add an iron spear or anvil instead 10) Add the possibility of repairing tools after their breakdown 11) Add a triangular shape to the structure structures 12) Add double doors and an opening for them 13) Fix the possibility of deer extraction by "sucking" to the nim and increase the health of animals by 30% 14) Add the possibility of burning with a spear in your hands 15) The ability to throw something out while holding it in your hands 16) Add the ability to eat food in the bonus slot by clicking "Interaction" or "Unpack" 17) Add a vintage staircase 18) Add a pocket explosion 19) Add a multi-cabinet system 20) Fix a bug with a jam between the texts, when the player gets into them, he throws back or just finish off the tikstura, which will not allow him to do so 21) Add the ability to boost, climb on the player's head 22) Add Iron armor and fix all armor by 50% 23) Add a homemade knife/machete/stone pickaxe 24) Add the ability to put the foundation in the ground, or vice versa higher (If the foundation / part of the building is underground, then the objects on the building (for example, a sleeping bag) will be on the ground, and not under) 25) Start contacting other organizations on games, if there is such an opportunity. That's it. I hope dear developers you will read :3...
  11. Ytefold


    This question has already been answered: wait for the server restart
  12. This kid (9 years old) grinned at my mom at least 3 times for the fact that I shot at them with a bow (he has a full leather jacket and a rifle with a rifle), I told him that I would not forgive him for this and everything exactly continued to call me "nameless", please ban him for this. 1 server
  13. Многие из перечисленных ошибок уже упоминались много раз. Хорошие идеи, согласен.
  14. И каков вывод что треугольных конструкций нету? Добавят (надеюсь) я сталкивался с такой ситуацией когда поставил лестницу (от фундамента) и ее прешлосось ломать кирками когда уже дом был развит (сломав лестницу фундамент магическим образам отказывался ставится хоть там было для него благоприятно (не низко и не высоко), меня зарейдили через 10 минут после этого (